We were all newbies once … and also I think everyone has made a mistake or 2 on their camping journeys. Camping doesn’t need to be made complex, and it’s not rocket science, but as a beginner it can be a little frustrating leaving your comfort zone to try something brand-new. That’s where we can assist you with letting you know about the common camping mistakes.

Here are 10 common camping mistakes you can make when brand-new:

  • Not Researching Where You Are Going.
  • Not Trying Your Equipment Before You Leave Home
  • Relying on a campfire.
  • Buying cheaps equipment instead of top quality.
  • Buying up huge on camping devices when you are new.
  • Not enough warm gear – Shivering in your camping tents at night
  • Arriving late at campground.
  • Underestimating the importance of lighting.
  • Leaving food and garbage accessible.
  • Forgetting that it’s meant to be enjoyable!
Common Camping Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

There are lots of listings on the web concerning camping blunders, and incidentally, a great percentage of them are plagiarised from this really page you are now checking out. So, congratulations, for selecting Go Camping Australia as a beginning factor.

And also aside from the 10 beginner errors on this web page, we also can show to you 8 camping falls short! (read that story to see where others went wrong, and how you can make sure your camping trip, isn’t categorized as a “fall short”).

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Not Researching Where You Are Going.

Camping is meant to be unwinded as well as enjoyable yet it will certainly not be that way if you are not gotten ready for where you are going.

Research where you are going, conditions, climate as well as centers (water, toilets, campsites).

Spontaneity is all well and good when camping, however a lot of effort can enter into getting you from A to B, so make the effort to guarantee that you give yourselves the most effective opportunity of having fun. This comes to be more crucial if your time is restricted for the camping trip.

A bit of research at first is a fundamental part of your camping journey. It doesn’t need to take hours, yet a glance at some internet sites, a phone call or e-mailx, may simply help your camping adventure start off even more smoothly.

Suggested websites to check out concerning your preferred camping place (aside from this internet site) include the pertinent National Park authority for your state. This is a worthwhile beginning point since they can provide you details on scheduling your website (if suitable), roadway closures in the park, as well as camping area closures. Some parks are closed as a result of seasonal weather task.
If you are seeking a campers park camping place, after that ring in advance and also figure out expenses as well as availability. Some locations at peak times will be booked up months in advance, and also if you have not planned on this, you can find yourself wandering around for one more campsite, consuming your useful vacation time.

Not Trying Your Equipment Before You Leave Home

  • Place your outdoor tents up at the very least once in your yard.
  • Try that brand-new light.x
  • Exercise exactly how the oven runs.

Nothing worse than reaching a campsite, as well as finding out that whilst it looked to be a basic tool, you in fact need to be a Rhodes Scholar to operate it. Or even worse, it does not work at all, and that piece of equipment was vital to your food preparation!!

It’s OKAY to be an amateur at camping – every person was as soon as – however reviewing guidelines at the camping site on just how to function something for the first time is not optimal beginning to your trip. You don’t intend to be counting on directions that can fly away or obtain lost simply when you require them.

Attempting your tools out in advance, in the convenience of your home is actually important. Aside from recognizing how all of it works, it quits you appearing like a total beginner camper (we have a couple of pointers additionally on just how not to resemble a newbie camper).

Relying on a campfire.

Campfires are a fantastic part of camping, and an emphasize for many people. However as a beginner to camping, it’s rewarding recognizing a few points before you intend on every meal over an open fire.

Campfires can take a while to accumulate adequately for food preparation. To put a Camp Oven in the coals, those coals need to be really warm which requires time. Great when you can do it, but if you are pressed for time and also don’t have the dedication to getting that fire set well before dinner, consider having a back up strategy.

Also the time of the year can dictate if a campfire is enabled. Not exactly sure? Then sign in development of the trip. Your regional fire authority website will certainly have information on the fire restrictions.

An excellent back up to a campfire is a bar-b-que (if you have room) as you can make use of gas BBQs when campfires are not permitted – for the most part, depending upon the policies of the camping site. There are a few suggestions regarding getting a BBQ for camping, as well as we have listed 6 tips below.

And also if you do obtain that campfire going, ensure you understand how to put out a campfire securely. If you aren’t 100% sure, after that read “How to produce a campfire appropriately”.

A back-up to a campfire is extremely advised if you have actually chosen that a campfire is a MUST!

Buying cheaps equipment instead of top quality.

When we began camping, we chose more affordable products since that is what we could manage at the time. But we have because needed to upgrade much of that devices because it had not been truly ideal for camping more than annually.

Or, simply when we actually required this tool, it fell apart or really did not do what it was indicated too.

Totally comprehend that you can’t always opt for the elite camping brands yet do check out them, specifically in sales times.

If you can, try and also get a top quality name brand name with excellent assurances and after sales solution. That additional money at time of purchase might save you a lot even more down the track. See following point.

Buying up huge on camping devices when you are new.

With any luck you will certainly follow Point 4 above, and pick quality items.

However in claiming that, do not go crazy and spend a great deal of money on all sorts of equipment in the beginning.

Firstly, you need to figure out if every person enjoys camping and also wish to continue to go (or else you have a garage full of pricey unused things).

It is appealing to get all these clever little camping gadgets or new cookware developed for outdoor living, yet it can be gear you can do without in the beginning. There is a great deal of gear that isn’t compulsory for early camping journeys.

Review 10 items of camping tools you need to get a suggestion of some basics. That list covers some vital products to think about purchasing. This list consists of some major things you may want to consider for initial objectives.

Second of all, it takes a few journeys to work out what you do require and do not.

Take your time as well as purchase top quality needs not deluxes. Our Porta Pottie was a high-end thing, yet in my view, additionally a requirement with kids. Yet we really did not buy it on the initial trip! As a matter of fact, it came months after our camping journeys started in earnest.

There are great deals and also great deals of camping checklists around online, and several of them have a lot equipment on them, its remarkable any individual leaves residence. Utilize them as a guide, create your own once you feel like camping is something you intend to attempt more of, and also intend to purchase equipment.

If you have good friends that are campers, then you could intend to socialize with them for some time, as well as use their equipment – taking advantage of their expertise as well as their gear.

Not enough warm gear – Shivering in your camping tents at night

Incorrect bed linens is going to make your life miserable. It did for us. See why blow-up mattress are none great here. Do not make our blunder as well as shudder in your tent!

It’s a big camping error and can conveniently be stayed clear of.

Just how to avoid being cool?

You are mosting likely to have to believe carefully concerning the weather you will certainly be sleeping in, your own body temperature level (eg. are you a cold sleeper or cozy sleeper) and after that acquire suitably.

Do check out selecting the right gear for you. Don’t enter and buy something without a little bit of idea and also understanding, or you might end up with gear that will not match you and your camping design. We have a number of handy overviews listed below which can assist you make some options about this essential camping equipment.

And also, if you need more assistance on staying warm in wintertime, review our easy tips to surviving winter months camping.

As well as bear in mind, that in some shops, the sales staff will certainly attempt to market you camping gear that they have in stock, which may not necessarily be the appropriate selection or equipment for you, so mosting likely to a store with a bit of expertise will aid you not be guided into purchasing something you don’t require

Arriving late at campground.

Turning up late at a camping site, trying to find a vacant area and after that when and also if you do find an area, having to establish and feed every person. It is demanding for all. The kids may be hungry or they just escape right into the dark unidentified, thrilled to be released from the confines of the car. Or you have no suggestion where the commodes are (if they also have any type of– again, hope you have actually done your study as detailed in Point 1).

I do not advise late arrival at camping sites as a harmonious start to the trip. We have put together some pointers on what to try to find when you do reach your camping area, and reading this in advance of any kind of trip, might simply provide you a little self-confidence.

There is absolutely nothing worse than a long trip and after that driving around and around a camping site trying to find an extra area as the light fades (or its pitch black) to appear incredibly in a peak time. In some camping areas, you can only camp at assigned places; if they are complete, you will certainly have to leave that camping site, and also head off somewhere else. In the dark, this is something that no camper wants to need to deal with.

Get here early as well as have a back up strategy if the camping area of your selection is complete.

Peak times (vacations, Easter) lots of camping areas will be complete before the vacation also starting. Campers that have actually reached camping sites early in the day, will certainly not take kindly to you, in anxiety, attempting to fit into their campground at night time. It’s taken place to us: individuals showing up at 9pm and also locating no places left, and afterwards barging their way into our campground and also wishing to “share” a minimal location.

To give you a bit more advice about what to expect when camping at peak times, we suggest you also read our camping at Easter tips, because it covers this problem and a few more that you can expect if you are not ready for busy camping. Arriving late at a campsite is one big mistake at any time of the year.

Underestimating the importance of lighting.

We started out camping adventures with headlamps and hand held torches, because, we were going to have the moon and the campfire to shed light !!

That illusion was shattered fairly early on, when it was time to prepare a meal and we had weak headlamps and as for torches, how do you use one of them plus do all the meal prep?

We looked around at other campers, with their sites lit up like the sun and had experienced for the first time … … lighting envy. That was it– next trip we had our battery powered lanterns (and have progressed from there to quality LED Lenser headlamps, LED lighting (doesn’t shed a wide light but a powerful directed light) and fluoro lighting (charged via our battery).

You can’t have too much lighting.

Headlamps are a must regardless of what sort of lighting you use elsewhere in camp. If you aren’t sure about choosing a headlamp, then read our story as it will give you buying tips, so you will have lighting!

Don’t underestimate the importance of being able to see around camp easily. Tripping over ropes, branches and rocks is not fun and you don’t want an injury at the start of your trip.

Leaving food and garbage accessible.

Come nightfall, and a quiet campsite, and you will get nocturnal visitors that you had not thought about in your camping adventures (and didn’t read about in the brochures).

Foxes and possums and kangaroos are all ones we have encountered attacking garbage. We have woken to find the contents of the day’s garbage, strewn across the site.

We quickly learned from that, and now lock up the garbage and sometimes put it on our roof rack. Hanging it high from a tree did not deter a fox at Deep Creek Conservation Park (South Australia), from jumping up and pulling it down.

If they don’t get to the garbage, they will try for your other food, so put it ALL away, and in lock up plastic tubs. In the USA we knew that bears would come looking for food, but we forgot about our own Australian animals and their love of food!

Naturally, when you leave the campsite, you will take all the garbage with you. Leave no trace. Yes, it can be a pain to put a smelly full garbage bag back in the vehicle with you, but please do so. Dispose in a bin outside the park.

Forgetting that it’s meant to be enjoyable!

Final point and the most important point about camping– it’s meant to be fun for all.

Know that it won’t be like home (that is the reason you are doing it surely?), and that some creature comforts may not be available, the kids are going to get dirty in the first 10 minutes of arrival, and sleeping in close quarters with family members may be challenging(!!).

But apart from those trivialities, remember that you are there to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, spend time with your family and experience life away from suburbia.

So laugh at the mistakes (and learn from them), and don’t get disillusioned if your early camping experience is not perfection.

You will learn a lot from your first camping trip (plus all the subsequent ones as well). In fact, we give you a sneak peek into what you could learn on your camping trip… you ready? Here are 27 things you are about to discover…

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