I’m gonna start by saying that Julia Creek camping is in the middle of nowhere, alas its attraction to myself. The area has continued to offer their free camping site in this rural community and is a great example of what can be achieved when providing such a spot for travelling campers and the value they bring to the town.

RATED 4.5/5 – Check Google Reviews

When I said it’s in the middle of nowhere I meant it. It is 660 kilometres inland from Townsville and you are able to camp in this location for up to for days, next to the serene waters of Julia Creek.

One thing you will feel at this location is welcomed. The reviews of this location speak to the hospitality of the caretakers. Which makes it a great spot to chill and relax by the waters.

They even have free push bikes if you want to go for a ride into town to grab some groceries. An ideal spot for fishing and a great location to just sit by the river all day in your attempts to catch dinner for that night.

The only downfall of this location is that there are no amenities to use. If you are not equipped for this, unfortunately, you will not have much luck here but if you are, well enjoy Julia Creek!

Details about Julia Creek Free camping site

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