So you’re looking for the best free camping Mackay? Well, you have landed in the right place as we have curated the best free camping location from the Mackay region. We have searched the net to find some of the most amazing free camp sites in and around the Mackay region.

As with all our posts and suggestion, we do ask for feedback or any suggestions in the comments suggestion below. We are always for improving our lists based on peoples experiences at sites we have listed or that they have and want to share with the broader camping community. With all that said enjoy our list of free camping gound locations around Mackay.

Leap Hotel Free 24 hour Camping

The Leap Hotel which was a small camping site beside The Leap Hotel (owned and also taken care of by The Leap Hotel).

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The campground itself was a complimentary camp over night with accessibility to the hotel’s commode. The only assumption was that you popped in for a beer or a meal, maintain the premises tidy and eliminate your rubbish with you.

The Leap Hotel itself is in fact a historic spots that had different artefacts and literature about the “Tale of Kowaha.” The statuary outside symbolized or was a reminder about the female that sought haven in the caverns at the top of Mount Mandara. This female or team of individuals were being sought by the regional police and also embarked on the cliff rather than encounter the indigenous police that were patrolling resolved locations; dispersing and also exterminating aboriginal tribes. This historic event was just one of several incidents but the little girl, who at the time was 3 years of ages, made it through the massacre. The statuary outside of the hotel is symbolic to the murdered aboriginal female.

There were not too many locations close by where you can work out the pets however contrary the hotel was a medium sized park called Westlake Drive Park which proved to be practical for walking them in the evening as well as once again in the early morning prior to avoiding.

Overall this was a fantastic stop that seem to be delighted in by many tourists. It was refreshing to exchange tales and also pointers with the other visitors as well as just as refreshing to be greeted by friendly management personnel upon arrival.

Details about Leap Hotel Free Campin

Toilets: Yes
Pet friendly: Yes
Phone Reception: Yes
Type of vehicles: Tents, campers & caravans allowed, Big Rig access
Access: 2WD access;
Showers: No

Notch Point Free Campground

RATED 4.7/5 – Check Google Reviews

The first free camping spot is a beach location which is on the northside of QLD, between Mackay and Rockhampton. It is a perfect location to just sit down relax and enjoy the environment. For those of you unaware of how big QLD is, this spot is located 10 hours north of Brisbane. It’s not a day trip from town.

This campsite by reviews is definitely a must-stop for the frugal camper. It is an absolutely spectacular spot and when planning your road trip around Australia, make sure you plant this as one of your stops. It has been voted in the top 5 best camping spots in all of Queensland and it really lives up to it.

Notch Point campground is set in quite the tropical scenery with palm trees which sway in the winds. You can actually find coconuts sitting under the trees waiting for your devouring. The weather in this area being tropical is obviously quite humid and muggy.

Bear in mind the trip to this location is a little remote and can be a bit of a rough drive from the end of Notch Point Rd to Yarrawonga Park Reserve. It is recommended to be only accessed via 4WD only. The campsite is randomly set in a cattle property where you will find cows roaming and you may also find that they snuggle up near your tent at night. A very unique camping experience.

There are amazing views on the hill which gives views around the whole peninsula. The one massive word of warning is that its not exactly a location for swimming. It is infested with saltwater crocs and sharks. At your own risk, couldn’t be emphasised any stronger.

This is just the ideal spot for people wanting to laze around and just relax, the weather is ideal and the windy weather at times can make for a refreshing change.

Details about Notch Point camping site

  • Location on Google Maps from Brisbane
  • Distance from Brisbane: 10 Hours 13 mins – 892kms
  • Notch Point Rd, Ilbilbie QLD 4738
  • Close to Beaches
  • Access: Dirt roads and recommended for 4wd vehicles only.
  • Suitable for: Tents, caravans, camper trailers
  • Facilities: None
  • Pet-Friendly: Yes

Gargett Rodeo Grounds

The rodeo premises run by the regional Lions Club provides complimentary unpowered camping for visitors. The open grassy location has a charming sight of the surrounding mountains when you look over the fields. They have bathrooms, outing table as well as a spigot located on the side of the Lions shed.

Rocky Dam Creek Boatramp

This is a bush camp situated on the banks of Rocky Dam Creek.

There are no centers so you require to be self included.

Superb angling in the salt water creek yet understand there are large crocs in the creek.

There is a boat ramp as well as it is a popular place with local angler.

Advise care in wet weather as there are creek going across on the six kilometres of dust road to get access.

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