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Free Camping Tasmania

Planning a camping trip around Tasmania on a tight budget so you’re searching for free camping in Tasmania? Well, you’ve come to the right spot as we have rummaged the web for the best free campgrounds in Tasmania.

We are always looking to update our information and if you have anything to add about any of the campsites mentioned below please comment below. Alternatively, if you know of a site that we should feature on this page, please also comment below so we can share the love with fellow campers.

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Cosy Corner South Free Campsite

RATED 4.5/5 – Check Google Reviews

All I can say is from the research I have done on this location, it is absolutely spectacular. Just looking at the pictures it seems quite magical. What a way to start out list of Free Camping Tasmania.

Cosy Corner is located at the Bay of Fires and there are many camping areas in the surrounding area. There are two entrances you can take, the first takes you to a well-shaded and protected area. You will find a whole bunch of campsites nestled amongst the trees. A great spot for those with tents and want some seclusion from the crowd.

The other entrance on the far side of the lagoon is one which is more open and ideally more suitable for larger vehicles such as caravans and campervans. The amenities include in the location just the pit toilets. There is no water available on-site, so be sure to be well-stocked up before arriving.

This is a very popular spot during the holiday periods and school holidays. As mentioned earlier it’s not very surprising as it is quite the spectacular spot. The amazing white sandy beaches with the granite boulders just makes for an environment fit for a postcard.

To get to this location you will find that there is signposted access off the Gardens Road, just over 5 kilometres from Binalong Bay Road. While the facilities are very limited in this location, the views and location make up for this and makes for a great holiday spot, oh and remember its free.

Details about Cosy Corner camping siteFree Camping Tasmania

  • Location on Google Maps from Hobart
  • Distance from Hobart: 3 Hours 19 mins – 268 kms
  • Gardens Rd, Binalong Bay TAS 7216
  • Close to Forest and Beaches
  • Access: Dirt roads suitable for larger vehicles to far entrance.
  • Suitable for: Tents, caravans, camper trailers.
  • Facilities: Drop toilets, shaded sites
  • Pet-Friendly: Not sure

Friendly Beaches camping area – Free Campsite

RATED 4.4/5 – Check Google Reviews

This location is all about nature and the wow factor. Friendly Beaches campground is an amazing spot in the Frecyinet National Park, this is on the east of Tasmania. With that all being said with all its beauty this location does come with the downside of not having any facilities at all. Well, there is a toilet, but that’s it!

The campground itself its quite primitive but it located right on the coastline as is surrounded by beautiful white-sand beaches. It makes for a highly desirable spot to spend many days enjoying the beauty of mother nature.

The access to the location is via Friendly Beaches Road. This meets the car park where you will find Friendly Beaches Walk. There are several campsites intermittently along the road. They kind of just look like parking spots, but you are able to camp at these locations.

The beach access is a little further down the road, where you will find a path just off the main campground area. The beach spans about 1.8 kilometres from the main campground area. This location makes for the people who are just looking to get away from it all and just spend some relaxing time in the middle of nowhere with some gorgeous views.

Be sure to collect all rubbish when you leave as there is no rubbish collection in the area. So be respectful to the location and other fellow campers. There are also no fires allowed but camping fuel stoves are allowed. Sorry to all the pet lovers but they are not allowed in this location at all. Not even in cars.

Details about Friendly Beaches camping area

  • Location on Google Maps from Hobart
  • Distance from Hobart: 2 Hours 25 mins – 179 kms
  • Friendly Beaches Rd, Friendly Beaches TAS 7215
  • Close to Beaches
  • Access: Dirt roads suitable for larger vehicles
  • Suitable for: Tents, caravans, camper trailers.
  • Facilities: Drop toilets
  • Pet-Friendly: No

Mayfield Bay Conservation – Camping Area

RATED 4.2/5 – Check Google Reviews

The Mayfield Bay Conservation Area is located halfway up the east coast of Tasmania, not too far from Swansea. This small preserve runs from Frecyinet Peninsula across from Great Oyster Bay’s west side. It is a free camping site which is nestled just behind the beautiful sandy beach.

The campgrounds are quite accessible and just off the Tasman Highway, making it a super convenient stop for those heading to Freycinet National Park. This campground itself doesn’t really offer many amenities. There is no running water or rubbish collection. There is a drop toilet, commonly found at these free campgrounds (bonus). Who could complain though about a free camping site with such beautiful scenic views?

As mentioned there are no powered sites here and it is suitable for tents and campervans. There are some shaded areas by the eucalyptus trees in the area and you obviously get some added cooling by sea breeze off the bay.

As mentioned previously there is no water so bringing a hefty supply of drinking water and for cleaning purposes such as dishes and showering is highly recommended. You are able to light fires in the pits which are there which is also handy, but please remember to bring your own firewood for your stay.

Remember to clean up after you and collect all rubbish as you exit the area. No rubbish collection is provided and it is common courtesy and respect to clean up all of your mess before you leave.

Another bonus of this campground is that dogs are indeed permitted, but they must remain on leads at all time. While the campground is free they do accept donations and you can stay up to a whole four weeks at this campsite at Mayfield Bay conservation. This all goes back into improving the facilities that are there.

This area is obviously great for a family holiday on the cheap as the beach is a stone’s throw from the campground. Making it for an ideal location to relax and get into the water when it’s hot. You can even do some wildlife watching here where you will find a large group of Black Swans. For those who want to relax and enjoy the gorgeous backdrop of the bay including the green mountains, you can do that also. Free Camping Tasmania at its finest.

Details about Friendly Beaches camping area

  • Location on Google Maps from Hobart
  • Distance from Hobart: 1 Hour 35 mins – 119 kms
  • Tasman Hwy, Rocky Hills TAS 7190
  • Close to Beaches
  • Access: Dirt roads suitable for larger vehicles
  • Suitable for: Tents, campervans, camper trailers.
  • Facilities: Drop toilets
  • Pet-Friendly: Yes (on leashes)

Dora Point Camping Area

RATED 4.5/5 – Check Google Reviews

Camping at Dora Point just seems to be another spectacular spot. These free campsites in Tasmania seem to be serving up the goods for beach camping. It is located in the Bay of Fires in Binalong Bay, St Helens. You can camp at this location for up to four weeks and you can also bring your furry friends along (on leash).

There is no drinking water available at Dora Point so be sure to be well-stocked with water for your stay in this location. This is a great location to get away from the hustle and bustle as its quite remote and is a spot which is ideal for the family.

The swimming is great here for the little ones. There are super swimming locations for them during low tide. If you want to keep the kids busy (or yourself) there’s an abundance of rock pools, which will keep you busy for hours. The avid fisherman will also get some love here and is an ideal spot to catch wild bream from the shores of the beach.

This location is also ideal for other water sports such as boating and kayaking. There is good enough access to tow in caravans and drive in your larger campervans. It is a magical location as you can set up so close to the beaches and enjoy going to bed with the sound of the ocean in the background.

This is a very busy location during the school holidays so be sure to get in early. Bonus as we as there are drop toilets available in the location.

Details about Dora Point camping area

  • Location on Google Maps from Hobart
  • Distance from Hobart: 3 Hour 20 mins – 265 kms
  • 286 Dora Point Rd, Binalong Bay
  • Close to Beaches
  • Access: Dirt roads suitable for larger vehicles
  • Suitable for: Tents, campervans, camper trailers, caravans.
  • Facilities: Drop toilets
  • Pet-Friendly: Yes (on leashes)

Bethune Park Camping Area

RATED 4.3/5 – Check Google Reviews

The Bethune Park Camping Area is located just outside of Ouse, just over the river in the Central Highlands of Tasmania. Another free camping area in Tasmania that is right near the banks of Lake Meadowbank. It has some spectacular views of the lake and the surrounds.

Unfortunately, the grounds surrounding the lake are quite marshy which make for access quite difficult. In saying that the boat ramp next to the nearby bring is not so far which provides access to the lake.

The lake has two levels which you can park and the one to grab a spot at is the top one as it provides much better views plus the bonus of having the toilets there (bonus they are flushing).

The bonus of the lower level is that it has a covered picnic area and has greater protection from the sometimes strong winds and road noise. In the wetter periods can get super boggy so be aware in the lower section. In drier periods you will have no issue here.

One thing to add with this location is that it really is close to Hobart, just 1-hour drive from a major centre for free camping is definitely a rarity

Details about Bethune Park camping area

  • Location on Google Maps from Hobart
  • Distance from Hobart: 1 Hour 11 mins – 89 kms
  • lot 7140, LOT 3785 Dawson Rd, Ouse
  • Close to lake
  • Access: Dirt roads suitable for larger vehicles
  • Suitable for: Tents, campervans, camper trailers, caravans.
  • Facilities: Toilets, picnic tables, bbq
  • Pet-Friendly: Yes

Marrawah Green Point Campground

RATED 4.6/5 – Check Google Reviews

This is rated one of the best free camping sites in Tasmania. The camping area at Green Point in Marrawah while small offers a spectacular stay, with amazing coastal views and a glorious beach to match. With the size of the campground and its popularity it can get very busy in holiday periods, so be prepared if you do not happen to score a spot at this campground.

The beach and Green Point is one of the best surf beaches in Australia and has been voted in the top 3 for surfing. What else there to do in this area. Well, there are traditional Aboriginal rock carvings through the surrounding areas and makes for a great day trip discovering this ancient art. Head to Green Point, Premingham and West Point all near Marrawah. You will also find that every year there are both competitions for surfing and windsurfing.

What makes this location so special is a combination of the amazing beaches as well as how remote and isolated you are. It feels like you are in the middle of nowhere, typically the reason why you go camping right?

It is touted that this area of Tasmania has some of the worlds cleanest air, so breath in deep and take in the air along with the amazing scenery.

What to bring, while there are water taps it is recommended not to drink so bring your own drinking water. Firewood for your fires as there are firepits you can use. There is a shower, however, it is a cold outdoor shower only.

This site is suitable for all types of campers, from singular tents all the way to big rigs. Please do note that weather in this area an be quite hectic at times and is very unpredictable. So please be prepared for this, especially if doing your camping in smaller tents.

Details about Marrawah Green Point Campground

  • Location on Google Maps from Hobart
  • Distance from Hobart: 5 Hour 17 mins – 460 kms
  • Beach Rd, Marrawah TAS 7330
  • Close to beach
  • Access: Sealed roads
  • Suitable for: Tents, campervans, camper trailers, caravans, big rigs.
  • Facilities: Toilets, showers, picnic tables, bbq
  • Pet-Friendly: Yes (on leads)

Waterhouse Point Camping Area

RATED 4.6/5 – Check Google Reviews

The Waterhouse Conservation Area free campsite is located about 40 km’s to the east of Bridport and can be accessed from the B82 via Homestead and Lagoon Roads. The area is quite large and spans 25 km’s of the coastline.

At these campgrounds, you will find that there are approximately 11 different camping areas at Waterhouse Conservation and most of them lie in the bushes just off the sandy tracks which run through the park. Ultimately this is a super remote camping experience and one which is all about nature and taking in the finest elements of the outdoors.

The adventure to this area, while it is accessible to regular 2wd drive cars, depending on the time of year and weather conditions, it is recommended that you take at the minimum an all-wheel-drive car. The gravel and unsealed roads can get fairly hectic especially if there has been quite the downpour of rain.

For those with boats, there is a 4wd boat launching area in the park, for those of you who have boats and want to get out on the ocean. There is no available fresh drinking water so be sure to bring along an ample supply of water. For fires, you will also need to bring along your own firewood for the stay. Your furry friends are welcome here this is a dog-friendly free campsite.

A friendly warning about what you can’t do in the area. As tempting as it may seem, there are no motorbikes or off-road driving allowed on beaches or surrounding areas. Always camping in the clearly marked areas for this purpose.

A great spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of the real world and just get back to nature. Get lost in the conversation area and let the kids go for a swim on hot days. It’s a great location to just relax and watch the days go by.

Details about Waterhouse Point Campground

  • Location on Google Maps from Hobart
  • Distance from Hobart: 3 Hour 42 mins – 311 kms
  • Beach Rd, Marrawah TAS 7330
  • Close to beach, lake and forest
  • Access: gravel and unsealed roads
  • Suitable for: Tents, campervans, camper trailers, caravans, big rigs.
  • Facilities: None
  • Pet-Friendly: Yes (on leads)

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