Just like anything camping related, the far better you can suit your battery to your application, the far better performance you will certainly achieve. However with so many camping batteries on the market, just how do you identify what is the best deep cycle battery for camping? Well we are here to help!

Our camping battery overview outlines the details you need to maintain your gizmos running while you’re off the grid – together with some details you never understood you required.

Deep Cycle Batteries:

There are 3 main sorts of Deep Cycle Batteries used for running home appliances in a campers, Recreational Vehicle or Camper Trailer. These are: Gel, AGM and Lithium.

Lead Acid Batteries:

Gel as well as AGM are both Lead Acid caravan batteries. These are a conventional sort of Deep cycle battery, with a typical dimension being around 100 to 120 amp hours.

A lead acid battery can be charged to around 50% of its ability prior to it requires to be reenergized. This is referred to as “Depth of Discharge” So, a regular 200Amp hour lead acid battery financial institution contains 100 functional Amp Hrs.

A 200 Amp Hour Lead Acid Battery bank evaluates around 50Kg, which is fairly heavy compared to the most recent in Lithium.

Lithium Batteries:

Lithium Batteries are gaining serious popularity in contemporary campers power system installations. A lithium battery has a Depth of Discharge of virtually 80%. So, A 200 Amp Hour lithium battery provides 160 functional amp hrs before it requires to be charged.

Lithium batteries are half the weight of Lead Acid Caravan Batteries as well as occupy a much smaller foot print.

Our pick of best deep cycle battery for camping

Enirgi L3000+ Lithium Deep Cycle (LIFEP04) Battery – 100AH – 12.8V

Offers up to 20 times longer cycle life and 5 times longer float/calendar life than a lead acid battery, helping to minimise replacement and reduce total cost of ownership.

Ritar AGM Battery 12V – 100Ah

perfect as a dual battery option to run all your different camping and touring appliances. When you need a long lasting battery that can withstand the tough Australian conditions, Deep Cycle AGM Batteries are great

The bottom line:

The main factor to pick a Lead Acid caravan battery is cost. They are very budget friendly. A top quality, sealed, lead acid batteries will set you back under $400 each. If weight and area are not a concern, you can keep connecting batteries in parallel to enhance the general battery ability.

Any person hauling a Caravan, Camper Trailer or Boat is going to intend to lessen battery weight as well as dimension as long as possible. That is why so many individuals are pulling out 3 or 4 lead acid batteries and upgrading to one Lithium Battery from Enerdrive

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