How do adventures like this really start? Usually a fleeting thought which transforms into grandiose plans. When my wife told me that her best friend offered for us to stay on their property in northern NSW. I was at first extremely hesitant. Permanent camping, with 2 kids, a dog a cat and full time work? How is this even an option? Well after a dramatic response to this suggestion of going on a permanent camping trip seemed really crazy. It is really.

I remember starting this website with the ambition in the future for it to be the platform where I write about my camping adventures around Australia. Note. I have only ever camped twice in my 41 years of life and decide that permanent camping seems like a good idea. We will soon learn because as of a couple of days ago we 100% committed to the idea.

The mad rush.

What do we need?

A big caravan with a big f off annex.
A bigger 4X4 to tug around this caravan.
Road tripl plan > Places to stop on the way.
Get all of our stuff into storage.
Sell or donate what we don’t want or need anymore.
What else do we need to take?

I’m sure there are many more things to add to that list.

The biggest question right now is that we are in the midst of the selling our apartment we currently live in. It’s been on market for a month and we haven’t had the best of interest. It’s the start of November and we will be leaving in the start of January. We will give it until the end of January and then if no luck we will just get some tenants in (yay!).