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Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park

For lots of tourists a journey to Melbourne additionally consists of a see to the well-known Great Ocean Road. Its most unforgettable landscape attribute, the Twelve Apostles, are simply 3 hrs from Melbourne, ideal for a field trip or a weekend break away. When youre on your trip don’t forget to check out the Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park.

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However allow’s be sincere: just because adults like to look at the incredible coastal surroundings it does not imply that youngsters will have equally as much fun as the miss. From experience I can tell you that it assists tremendously if you take care of to build a field trip plan that will certainly consider the rate of interests of all celebrations. Kids don’t particularly appreciate rock stacks that are gradually eaten away by the forces of nature. However what they do care about are pets. Ideally, pets that are tame and that you can hand feed as well as perhaps even pet.

Child feeding wallaby Luckily, there is a wildlife park near Twelve Apostles, simply 15 mins drive from one of Australia‘s many breathtaking places. Appropriately named Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park this family-run organisation is a mix of different concepts, all nicely packaged in a way so that households with children large as well as tiny can have a blast right here.

To be clear, Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park is not a zoo. It is a 39 acre family members ranch that happens to life in harmony with nature. Sustainability is essential right here, a goal that the household is keen to achieve in the near future, with locations for growing food currently being established throughout the building.

This makes Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park a multi-faceted experience loaded with easy fun activities and also educational lessons concerning the environment and also the featured animals. From our own first-hand experience I can guarantee you that kids will like the close animal encounters that lie right beside the site visitor centre– you truly don’t need to stroll far to run into your first peacock, an exceptionally vain creature which continued to impress us with its brilliant screen of colours and also captivating dancing routine, ruffled plumes and all.

Peacock close-upThe stroking zoo is a little room with a selection of pets that can be conveniently fed with the feed given. Not just Australian animals, mind you, like wallabies, wombats, emus and kangaroos, but there are also cosy alpacas with soft hair that the kids liked to touch. The ranch keeps these alpacas for their good quality wool, for this reason there is once again the arc to sustainable farming techniques.

The close experiences do not end right here. For a little fee you can also get incredibly near to one of the resident dingoes. Wait … you might believe. Isn’t this hazardous? Remember the tale of the dingo and also the infant …? And also aren’t these creatures kept in different enclosures behind strong wire mesh as well as imposed fencings for a factor?

Well, yes. But obtaining near to these wild monsters for a cuddle session is really not that improbable. The drivers of the wildlife park are solid followers that the dingo is obtaining a bad associate for all the wrong factors. They want to reveal the globe that the dingo is in fact not a hostile animal, that you can safely engage with it as long as you don’t endanger it.

From the petting area we set off to the next area of the ranch, the Animal Sanctuary. The path led us past sustainable farming locations in process– there were veggie patches, as well as a new orchard. Vibrant hand painted indications offered us food for believed in the process, such as info on the pets, the aboriginal heritage of the land, the owners’ concepts on their link with the land and the function all of us play in our natural environment.

Donkeys grazing under spring treesIn front people, the farm unfolded in soft swelling pastures. In the distance we can detect extra pets, now in a more natural surroundings. Grazing under trees there were donkeys and steeds in the distance, and an emu stalked with dignity along the crest of a hillside. Deer huge and tiny were involving the fences, curiously sniffing our outstretched hands for any remaining feed.

In gumboots that we switched with our sneakers at the entrance, we very carefully walked down capital to the appealing lake, currently swollen after hefty rains over the previous weeks. The course was muddy as well as damp, as well as the children enjoyed navigating their means from one dry area to the following.

Natural landscape near Great Ocean RoadSheep added to us, examining us curiously with the fences. There were soft tufts of wool on the path, I chose it up to reveal it to the kids. Herds of relaxing kangaroos populated the slopes of neighboring hills like Londoners on a bright day in Hyde Park, their hind legs outstretched, the ears upright in constant alarm system. It just took us around 30 mins to walk around the ranch, ideal for the short attention span of our little ones.

Prior to you head back to Melbourne or any place your following quit may be on your field trip, you might finish your browse through with a slice of pizza in the coffee shop and also have a chat with the pleasant owners about their prepare for total sustainability– their knowledge and also views are outstanding and extremely intriguing.

If you prepare a check out currently, make sure you do not shake up on a Saturday as the park will certainly be closed on this particular day. Climate permitting, the park will certainly be open during daylight hrs, and also the charge for a household of four is simply $45.00.

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Address: 29 The Boulevarde, Princetown.

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