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Time to go on your next camping trip you say. Well, hang on tight as we have a list of some of the best free camping WA sites that you should consider as part of your next camping trip in Western Australia. We have scoured the internet for a list of some of the most ideal camping sites that will set you back nothing. Free camping at its best.

We love feedback so if you have any other suggestions that you think should be on this list. Please do comment in the comments section. We have looked for a mix of experiences, whether its beach camping, forest camping, lake camping. We have tried to cover all the bases as you set off on your trip to Western Australia.

Stockton Lake Recreation Area – Free Camping

RATED 4.4/5 – Check Google Reviews

Stockton Lake free camping area is a very unique spot. The lake itself was originally an open-cut mine. It is now obviously filled with water to make a much loved artificial lake. There are many open areas amongst the trees where you can set up your tent which will allow some shade for those hot summer days.

From an amenities perspective, you will find a set of toilets. There are no specific laid out campsites but it does allow for bigger groups and families and smaller groups. You just need to claim your turf and set up camp.

You are able to get campfires going in at the campgrounds, for those cold wintery nights. Although be sure to double check the signage as you enter as there can sometimes be fire bans due to the heat. Please be sure to confine your fires to the concrete rings which are provided at the campsite.

The Stockton Lake area is a super popular spot for those that enjoy water sports such as boating and water skiing. Swimming is permitted in the lake but it is advised to swim at your own risk. Being an old mining site the water can be mildly acidic and is not recommended for the younger ones or those that have sensitive skin.

While it may seem like an awesome opportunity to go for a dive off the cliffs. Do not risk spinal injury by diving in the water. As mentioned the lake is an old mine and is deep in some area and shallow in others. Do not risk it.

Details about Stockton Lake camping site

  • Location on Google Maps from Perth
  • Distance from Perth: 2 Hours 10 mins – 209 kms
  • Piavanini Rd, Shotts WA 6225
  • Close to Lake and Forest.
  • Access: Dirt roads are wide and well maintained b
  • Suitable for: Tents, caravans, camper trailers, big rigs
  • Facilities: Drop toilets, BBQ, firepits, table and chairs, shaded sites
  • Pet-Friendly: Unsure

Bettys Beach Free Campgrounds

RATED 4.9/5 – Check Google Reviews

If you are in the Albany area and south-west coast of WA one of the places you have to stop by for a free camp is Betty’s Beach. It’s hard to believe such an amazing location on the coast is free and judging by its 4.9 Google rating it must be a knockout and just 50 km’s east of Albany.

This location is located near Two Peoples Bay and is fairly small and remote coastal hideaway which was discovered many moons ago by fisherman. The location itself has been a mainstay location for salmon fisherman, who gather here annually and fish in this section of the coast. So as a camper its best to avoid this season as its usually closed off to camping (usually February to April). Although if you are an avid fisherman it could make for a spectacular experience. Just stay somewhere else

Make sure to hit the crest of the main hill which overlooks Betty’s Beach. The view from this location is heavenly should make part of your plans if you are stopping at this fabulous free campsite. There are huge boulders which dispersed amongst the white sandy beaches, something you would see on a postcard.

If you are camping in a tent you can get pretty close to the beach where there are even a couple of flat spaced where you are basically waterfront. Can’t get better than that. It can also be rather windy so be sure to select a spot sheltered best from the wind.

This location is obviously a great spot for swimming in the amazingly clear water. Rummaging around the rocks and when it’s not the salmon season you can also fish for other fish such as snapper, whiting, flathead and flounder. It is also very common to spot Whales anywhere between Jully and October.

The camping area is very small so places can get snapped up pretty fast and its not recommended for big rigs as its a very small spot, more suited for tents to camper trailers or even smaller caravans. The amenities are rather limited but the location is worth it, with drop toilets being the only real thing on offer as facilities.

A place to bring the family or just a place to chill out and relax, Betty’s Beach Free Camping is a delight and a must-stop location for the free camper on a road trip through WA.

Details about Betty’s Beacg camping site

  • Location on Google Maps from Perth
  • Distance from Perth: 4 Hours 55 mins – 447 kms
  • Close to beach
  • Access: Mainly sealed roads and dirt roads
  • Suitable for: Tents, caravans, camper trailers,
  • Facilities: Drop toilets
  • Pet-Friendly: No

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