So you are planning your next trip and you are considering possibly hitting the road in the caravan or looking for something a little more cost effective. The question begs, so how much is it to stay in a caravan park?

The cost to stay in caravan parks can really vary. You can easily stay at the cheaper caravan parks for around $20 to $35 per night. This would be for a really basic unpowered site. The prices can reach in some of the upmarket caravan parks, or as they often known now ‘holiday parks’ for anywhere from $200-$300 per night for a family of four on a powered site. Given location is everything.

How much is it to stay in a caravan park

The good news is that you don’t always have to stay at caravan parks and you can also try options such as bush camps or ‘free camping‘ sites alll around Australia. We have a solid list of free camp sites if this is something you are interested in:

Benefits of staying at a Caravan Park

Caravan parks lie throughout the country, but obviously, they are limited to where they can construct. Towns typically don’t have caravan parks and also the larger the town the more caravan parks available. Some caravan parks are located next to beautiful beaches, rivers as well as inlets, however numerous are further back and around.

A lot of bush camps are more detailed to nature as there are less limitations. You can camp on that lovely coastline, or appropriate alongside a stunning river. However, you won’t locate a bush camp anywhere near a town, as it competes with the caravan parks.

Also, bush camps aren’t usually near restaurants, cafes, stores, fuel stations and the rest of the common centers in a town or city.

By their very nature, bush camps lie far from the hustle and bustle of life. There are a great deal of bush camps that are accessible via bitumen road as well as need a few extra minutes of traveling to arrive. Some are gravel roads just, which substantially reduces the number of people who see, and after that you have the real bush camps that come only by 4WD, boat or hiking.

In my experience, the tougher it is to reach a camping area, the fewer individuals you will certainly see there, and also typically the more affordable (mainly cost-free) it is. In most cases, the total rating of the camping site appears to rise also!

Some caravan parks are fairly simple– toilets, showers and BBQ’s. On the various other end of the spectrum, you have those with huge entertainment locations, camp kitchens, large blow up pillows, theme park, playgrounds, swimming pools, on-site enjoyment, tennis courts and the listing takes place.

Caravan parks provide for those that intend to get here, establish and also unwind, without needing to fret about sorting their very own features out. Typically the extra facilities, the much more you pay, however place additionally plays a big role in price.

Shrub camps are at the other end of the range. Many remote camps do not have any type of facilities whatsoever. Those that are relatively prominent usually have a long decrease toilet, and after that it gets better from there. Some have fresh water, eco-toilets, camp kitchen areas, BBQ’s and even warm showers!

Really feeling safe and also comfy when camping is important. Caravan parks offer a sense of security as you lie near a lot of other individuals, the gates are shut and also security/police services are always offered must something go wrong.

Shrub camps don’t have this, and a great deal of individuals don’t really feel comfy camping far from others. If you can find camping areas that are reasonably unidentified, you’ll create your very own complacency.

Theft is always a problem for those taking a trip, and in many cases, caravan parks are worse, as they are a thief’s desire. Wherever you stay, be practical regarding just how you do it– do not leave anything useful out, secure your doors where feasible and also utilize good sense.

How much is it to stay in a caravan park – lets compare caravan parks vs other kinds of accommodation


  • Cairns Holiday Park Cabin $85 Powered site $52 ($47 if you are an NRMA member) Unpowered site $39
  • Big 4 Cairns Coconut Resort Ensuite powered site $65 Powered site on concrete slab $55 Powered site on grass $51
  • Cool Waters Holiday Park Powered site on concrete slab $46 Powered site on grass $46 Unpowered site $44
  • Lake Placid Tourist Park Powered site $46
  • Barrier Reef Holiday Park Ensuite site $40-42
  • Fishery Falls Holiday Park Powered site $35 Unpowered site $30
  • Big 4 Atherton Woodlands Tourist Park Powered site $45 Unpowered site $30
  • Atherton Hallorans Leisure Park Powered site $37 Unpowered site $30

(Cleaning and service fees are one-off payments, not per night)

airBnB (private room in household)

  • Harbour Lights luxury apartment $108 Cleaning fee $29 Service fee $47
  • Cairns CBD hostel $49 Service fee $20
  • Private Queenslander, walk to Cairns CBD $54 Cleaning fee $20 Service fee $25
  • Gordonvale private home $55 Cleaning fee $10 Service fee $24


  • Cairns City Backpacker Hostel $39
  • Tropical Queenslander apartments $110
  • Grosvenor in Cairns $140

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