Coffs Harbour is a town located on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, Australia. It is one of two major towns situated on the Pacific Highway that links Sydney and Brisbane, with a population of approximately 16,000. Coffs Harbour is home to an internationally recognised recreational beach and harbour, as well as a golf course that was ranked in the top 10 best courses in Australia by GolfWeek Magazine in 2010.

things to do in Coffs Harbour Australia

When travelling to the area you are most likely looking for things to do in Coffs Harbour, Australia. The Coffs Harbour area has many great things to offer tourists wanting to visit. Some of the top things to do in this area include:

1. Dolphin Marine Conservation Park

The Dolphin Marine Conservation Park website includes information about the “Dolphin Habitat – A Unique Place to See Dolphins”.

“It is believed that there are about 40 dolphins in Coffs Harbour. They live in the harbour and hunt for fish, squid, crabs and other shellfish near the breakwater. This is a very important low-impact feeding area for these mammals. It is often their only source of food in winter when they leave the sheltered inshore waters to feed more widely offshore.

2. Coffs Harbour Port

Coffs Harbour Port is a large commercial harbour serving the city of Coffs Harbour, New South Wales. Coffs Harbour is a major regional cargo and passenger port servicing north coast communities, including the tourist destinations of Ulladulla and Sydney.

3. Forest Sky Pier

The Forest Sky Pier is located within the city of Coffs Harbour adjacent to the large Forest Park. The pier is part of the 3-tiered Coastal Walkway which offers people the opportunity to view the natural beauty of Coffs Harbour’s location at sea level. It is also well known for its extensive views of the Pacific Ocean, as well as the downtown areas of Coffs Harbour.

4. The Big Banana

Located approximately 5 minutes from Coffs Harbour, Australia on the Pacific Highway, this tourist attraction is a must for those going through the region. The Big Banana is a large yellow fibreglass structure similar to a banana. The structure was built as a gift to the residents of Coffs Harbour by Alan Bond who also created Perth’s Big Lobster and Brisbane’s Big Pineapple. It is a tourist attraction and a landmark, attracting many tourists.

5. Coffs Coast Museum

The Coffs Coast Museum is a heritage museum housed inside the old CPH site located on North West Street. The museum holds a variety of exhibits including “A History of Coffs Harbour”, Aboriginal Cultures, and Archaeological finds from around the Coffs Harbour area.

6. Whale watching at Woolgoolga Headland

Woolgoolga Headland is a magical spot where you can watch the annual migration of humpback whales on their seasonal journey up the east coast. You will be surprised by how close you can be to the whales and how good they look.

You can also take whale watching tours are available each year on the 23rd of July, which is known as Coffs Coast Day. Tours are also available on certain dates throughout the months of July to September, however, it is recommended that you book in advance for these dates.

7. North Coast Regional Botanic Garden

The North Coast Regional Botanic Garden is home to a variety of plants from all over the world including tropical plants from Australia. You can visit the gardens and have a look at the various species of plants that grow there. In addition, there are also features such as an arbour, rose garden, lawns and pine plantings.

It makes for a great afternoon and taking a picnic is always a good idea.

8. Coffs Harbour Golf Club

This links course is challenging and varied and was ranked in the top 10 best courses in Australia by GolfWeek Magazine in 2010. The Coffs Harbour Golf Club is located within walking distance from the beach, thus it provides you with the perfect combination of golf and beach life. You can easily enjoy both activities at once. The club also has a putting course for beginners to get accustomed to the sport before trying their hand at an actual course like this one.

9. Muttonbird Island

Muttonbird Island is a small island located in the Pacific Ocean off the Coffs Coast in New South Wales, Australia. It is the only breeding location of the short-tailed shearwater, also known as Muttonbird or Pink-footed Shearwater. The island is administered by the National Parks and Wildlife Service of New South Wales, Australia.

The short-tailed shearwaters nest in burrows on the lower slopes of the island, which are dug out by their feet. The burrows are lined with grass, feathers and pieces of seabird droppings.

10. Blue Haven Beach

Blue Haven Beach is a beach located in Coffs Harbour, Australia. It has become famous because of its white sand which looks like milk, making this beach one of the most photographed beaches in Australia. The quiet beach is ideal for families with children due to the lack of other people on it. You can take your time walking around or even swimming in the nearby ocean.

11. Butterfly House

The Butterfly House is located within close proximity to the city of Coffs Harbour, New South Wales which is part of the Pacific Highway’s leg between Sydney and Brisbane, Queensland. The Butterfly House displays over 250 butterfly species from around the world including exotic butterfly species not found anywhere else in Australia.

12. Harbourside Market

The Coffs Harbour Market is on every Saturday of the month at the Harbourside Centre. It features local farmers, fresh produce, international food and live music. You can walk along with the stalls and enjoy all of the various items they have to offer. There are plenty of food vendors to choose from so you will be able to find something that will satisfy your taste buds.

13. Coffs Harbour Jetty

Coffs Harbour Jetty is a jetty located on the western side of Coffs Harbour on the Pacific Highway. It is the only jetty on the north coast of New South Wales, Australia which has been built with an iconic style of design. Everything about this jetty is built to seem authentic with its black colouring, it almost looks like a pirate ship ready to set sail. People have been known to get onto this jetty for driving tours but they are also known for fishing tours.

14. Dolphin Marine Conservation Park

The Dolphin Marine Conservation Park is an awesome attraction for all ages located in South West Rocks, New South Wales. You can swim with dolphins or even see them perform tricks. All of the dolphins at the park are permanent residents and are also free to roam in their natural habitat. Although all of the dolphins were hand-raised by humans, they are still able to live like dolphins should outside of captivity.

15. Emerald Beach

The Emerald Beach just north of Coffs Harbour is a popular destination with people travelling through the Pacific Highway. It is an extremely popular location for recreational fishing. It has very easy access to the sea, however, it is also very easy to get caught in moving sand. If you like surfing this is a great spot for you as well.

16. Coffs Harbour Powerhouse

The Coffs Harbour Powerhouse is an attraction that’s easy to miss but it is an absolute must-see for all tourists making their way through the area. The powerhouse runs full time and offers a tour that runs every hour starting from 10:30 am each day. The tours last around two and a half hours and cover the history of electricity, buildings and engineering technology at the Coffs Harbour Powerhouse which dates back to 1887.

17. The Clog Barn

The Clog Barn is located about 1km up the road from Coffs Harbour Western Suburbs. The Clog Barn is a historic site paying homage to the early pioneers of Australia. It has over 250 clogs or wooden footwear now props instead of footwear. You can now purchase many items such as clothing, jewellery, paintings and other collectables which are now displayed throughout the barn.

18. Solitary Islands Aquarium

This aquarium is located in Rockingham which is a suburb of Coffs Harbour. It is a wonderful place to visit with a variety of species of different water creatures that have been caught from the surrounding waters. The aquarium also offers many educational shows that go into great detail about the animals being displayed. The aquarium has been named one of the top ten aquariums in Australia located in the northern suburbs by making it onto Discover Zoo Magazine’s list of 2012 Hot Zoos In Your Area.

19. National Cartoon Gallery

The National Cartoon Gallery is a museum located in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales. It is one of the most popular museums in Australia and a must-visit for all tourists that stop by the area. The gallery is famous for its collection of Australian and international cartoons. There are many permanent exhibitions available to go see which have been arranged into seven different galleries.

20. Solitary Islands Coastal Walk

This is a place that you can do as a day trip and even stay over and camp. It is a great place to visit, with views of the ocean and its many islands just north of Coffs Harbour. The coastal walk takes you along the highway with plenty of opportunities to see many different kangaroo species as well as goey birds and potoroos. You can also swim in the ocean as there are no barriers separating you from it.


Coffs Harbour has so much to see and do that you will never get bored. It is the last stop for many travellers in Australia travelling through the Pacific Highway which is situated between Sydney and Brisbane. You can take in all of the awesome sites in this area with its awesome beaches, awesome scenery, awesome food, awesome entertainment and awesome shopping. It really is an amazing place to visit for everybody!

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