According to details boards at the falls, at 32 metres high Trentham Falls are the highest solitary drop waterfalls of Victoria. Whilst other waterfalls have a better overall elevation inside out, Trentham Falls flaunts the highest unbroken curtain of water in the State.

In summer season, the stream of water over the waterfall is gentle as well as slim, despite its elevation. In winter months the Coliban River can come to be a raging torrent that wrecks angrily down right into the chasm below. Trentham Falls Above: Trentham Falls producing a brilliant drape of water in very early winter (Order this picture).

If you want the formation of the falls, the Trentham Landcare Group has explained the geological background of the falls at an information board on site. It’s a background that includes lava circulations from a nearby volcano, cooling and splitting into high basalt columns and then, over the next five million years, disintegration by the Coliban River.

trentham falls - best waterfalls of victoria

As the river tips over the cliff, it undercuts the base of the high cliff till a portion breaks off and the falls move additionally upstream. There are picnic tables at the parking area, however, they lack a view of the falls. To see the falls, follow the strolling track a couple of metres from the parking area to the viewing system on the edge of the ravine. There is no accessibility to the Coliban River over the falls.

The accessibility to the base of the waterfall is closed as a result of dangers on the former strolling track, partially as a result of the fact it hugs the side of a gorge, erosion that is taking place from weathering as well as the variety of individuals using it over time. It is our intent if appropriate financing were to come readily available after that the experience offered might be examined. It is not nevertheless, a fast and inexpensive repair as well as is not in its instant future.”.

Prior to the closure of the walking track, the stroll to the base of the falls was around 100 m better on along a mild descent. At the bottom you might roam by foot behind the falls, which was food for believed when asking yourself whether that hulking mass of rock over your head could in fact drop.

Real answer is of course, it will, on a geological time scale. Lots of people walked behind the water below the rock overhang, which likewise offered shade during the day. In method, I have actually observed lots of people still utilizing this track after the restriction, consisting of one celebration when I saw a male taking his pet dog for a walk down to the base of the falls.

I am definitely not suggesting that you breach Parks Victoria laws to stroll down the track, however clearly there is a detach between several visitors’ analysis of the risk of making use of the track, as well as Parks Victoria’s own analysis of the threat. I hope that in the future these two views can integrate once more to provide risk-free accessibility to the base of the falls without being in breach of local guidelines. A worthy entry into the best waterfalls in Victoria.

More details about Trentham Falls:

  • Swimming: Not allowed, “no access”
  • Difficulty level: Easy. Some stairs.
  • Camping: Yes, cost-free outdoor camping at Firth Park Campground, Trentham East. About 10 minutes away.
  • Dogs Allowed: Not Permitted
  • Toilets: Yes, at parking area.

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