Looking for the best waterfalls in Victoria? If you are a fan of the outdoors like us at Smart Camper, most likely you’re a fan of going on hikes and seeing the great outdoors. Now, in my opinion, one of the greatest elements of a great hike are the views and scenery and nothing beats a jaw-dropping waterfall. In this article, I take a look at the waterfalls of Victoria. More specifically the top 5 best waterfalls of Victoria. How id this all judged you might think. Well, it’s not opinion, but rather the opinion of the people according to Google Reviews.

Smart Campers Best Waterfalls in Victoria

Steavenson Falls – Marysville – Rated 4.6/5

Steavenson Falls in Marysville is one of the highest waterfalls of Victoria at an excellent 84-metres high. Take the easy 350-metre stroll to the base of the falls through the well-maintained path and continue another 800-metres up the mountain to reach the top lookout. The reduced hunt offers a postcard worthwhile perspective but several of the drops are covered. It’s worth zig-zagging up the harder path to appreciate the large size of this phenomenon.

You can also experience Steavenson Falls after dark; the flat path and also falls are floodlit between sunset and also 11 PM every night. Mobility device gains access to and also properly maintained facilities are just a few reasons the shire bills $3.00 (coins just and also no change offered) to park at the end of Falls Road.

The choice to take the 4-kilometre walk from Marysville along Tree Fern Gully to reach the falls or prolong the walk past the falls to Keppel Lookout; an additional 4.5-kilometres into the hills.

Steavenson Falls is an amazing waterfall, it’s effectively seen however it still makes The Trail as it’s a must-see in Marysville. The centres are well handled and also make this all-natural wonder accessible to all which is a big plus. We all require a dose of nature in this busy day and age.

The track approximately the leading hunt is high and also sloppy yet extremely gratifying. A great perspective to see the regrowth after the Black Saturday bushfires in 2009 that ravaged much of the surrounding location. Making strategies to visit in the evening to record some more images of Steavenson Falls under lights. No doubt there is a reason this hits the best waterfalls in Victoria list.

How to get to Steavenson Falls:

Travelling Towards the car park at the end of Falls Road. Park at the end of Falls Road or as close as feasible. Stroll 350-metres on the level track to the search that spans the river.

More details about Steavenson Falls:

  • Swimming: Not allowed
  • Difficulty level: Extremely very easy.
  • Camping: Yes, cost-free outdoor camping at Keppel Creek or Andersons Mill (both 20 minute drive)
  • Dogs Allowed: Not Permitted
  • Toilets: Yes, at parking area.

Turpin Falls – Langley – Rated 4.3/5

Next on the list of best waterfalls in Victoria is Turpin Falls. The river at Turpins Falls flows over a vast, high rock wall surface that borders the downstream swimming pool on three sides. Throughout my viewing, the falls have ranged from a mild trickle to a little but steady stream, yet they can generate a gush of water after heavy rain.

Throughout moderate circulation conditions, the falls split right into 2 streams. There is a checking out platform on top of the falls and you can likewise walk to the base of the pool straight in front of the falls. Turpins Falls near Kyneton Above: Turpins Falls (Order this photo).

The falls could quickly be a substantial vacationer attraction in the area, such as the excellent size of the rock step over which the falls flow, yet roadway access and also signs (although it has actually enhanced gradually) is inadequate. You might require to rely upon a GPS or map to get here.

The actions down to the falls are quite high, as well as there are also some rocks to rush over to reach the water’s edge. I truly enjoy the colours installed in the rock formation, and also the sense of enclosure at the water’s side. Turpins Falls are most likely among Victoria’s finest instances of a lava column waterfall.

On one browse through here, I found a snake in the water, on its method across the pool to sun itself on the rocks on the opposite side. Whilst snakes will usually prevent instead of face individuals, and also this avoided me regardless of being fairly close, I would certainly recommend using encased shoes heading down the steps as well as to the water. Turpins Falls near Kyneton Above: Turpins Falls billabong.

The managing authority often closes the find to the base of the falls in Autumn if water degrees are very low, so contact them before heading out in Autumn. The falls have been a preferred cliff diving place, but after a spate of deaths and also a serious head/spinal injuries, the handling authority has actually forbidden the method. Low visibility in the water means that it is difficult to see underwater dangers, as well as more deaths and injuries from jumping/diving, would certainly be hard to avoid.

How to get to Turpin Falls:

Exit north from the Calder Fwy at the Edgecombe Rd (C326) exit ramp near Kyneton. Travelling for 11 kilometres then turn left at the East Metcalfe-Langley Road. Follow this road for 4 kilometres, going across the Campaspe River, after that transform right at Shillidays Road. The Turpins Falls exit ramp is 1.3 km better, on the right-hand side. Roadways near the falls are dust roadway, but available to 2WD cars.

More details about Turpin Falls:

  • Swimming: Allowed, but it’s SUPER cold!
  • Trail Difficulty level: Extremely very easy.
  • Camping: Yes, Kyneton Botanic Gardens, about 15 minutes away.
  • Dogs allowed: Yes on leash
  • Toilets: No.

Trentham Falls – Trentham – No Google Rating (Oddly)

According to details boards at the falls, at 32 metres high Trentham Falls are the highest solitary drop waterfalls of Victoria. Whilst other waterfalls have a better overall elevation inside out, Trentham Falls flaunts the highest unbroken curtain of water in the State.

In summer season, the stream of water over the waterfall is gentle as well as slim, despite its elevation. In winter months the Coliban River can come to be a raging torrent that wrecks angrily down right into the chasm below. Trentham Falls Above: Trentham Falls producing a brilliant drape of water in very early winter (Order this picture).

If you want the formation of the falls, the Trentham Landcare Group has explained the geological background of the falls at an information board on site. It’s a background that includes lava circulations from a nearby volcano, cooling and splitting into high basalt columns and then, over the next five million years, disintegration by the Coliban River.

As the river tips over the cliff, it undercuts the base of the high cliff till a portion breaks off and the falls move additionally upstream. There are picnic tables at the parking area, however, they lack a view of the falls. To see the falls, follow the strolling track a couple of metres from the parking area to the viewing system on the edge of the ravine. There is no accessibility to the Coliban River over the falls.

The accessibility to the base of the waterfall is closed as a result of dangers on the former strolling track, partially as a result of the fact it hugs the side of a gorge, erosion that is taking place from weathering as well as the variety of individuals using it over time. It is our intent if appropriate financing were to come readily available after that the experience offered might be examined. It is not nevertheless, a fast and inexpensive repair as well as is not in its instant future.”.

Prior to the closure of the walking track, the stroll to the base of the falls was around 100 m better on along a mild descent. At the bottom you might roam by foot behind the falls, which was food for believed when asking yourself whether that hulking mass of rock over your head could in fact drop.

Real answer is of course, it will, on a geological time scale. Lots of people walked behind the water below the rock overhang, which likewise offered shade during the day. In method, I have actually observed lots of people still utilizing this track after the restriction, consisting of one celebration when I saw a male taking his pet dog for a walk down to the base of the falls.

I am definitely not suggesting that you breach Parks Victoria laws to stroll down the track, however clearly there is a detach between several visitors’ analysis of the risk of making use of the track, as well as Parks Victoria’s own analysis of the threat. I hope that in the future these two views can integrate once more to provide risk-free accessibility to the base of the falls without being in breach of local guidelines. A worthy entry into the best waterfalls in Victoria.

More details about Trentham Falls:

  • Swimming: Not allowed, “no access”
  • Difficulty level: Easy. Some stairs.
  • Camping: Yes, cost-free outdoor camping at Firth Park Campground, Trentham East. About 10 minutes away.
  • Dogs Allowed: Not Permitted
  • Toilets: Yes, at parking area.

Hopetoun Falls – Beech Forest – Rated 4.7/5

hopetoun falls - best waterfalls of victoria

Hopetoun Falls is next on the list best waterfalls in Victoria and is located on the Aire River in the Great Otway National Park in Victoria. The site incorporates a seeing platform near the carpark, and 1km/30 min return bush walk to the base of the falls.

The roadway right into the carpark is unsealed as well as can be muddy and unsafe, relying on weather conditions. There’s also an indicator at the turn-off showing that the road disagrees for caravans, vehicles and so on. It’s slim in areas too, so it’s a good concept to drive slowly in instance there is website traffic coming the other method.

When you come to the carpark, there’s a wooden barbecue table for those who want to take a seat and have a barbecue lunch, an interpretive indicator supplying details regarding the location, and also a strolling track.

A brief distance along the track, there’s a checking out system which gives a great view of the top of the falls through the shrub.

If you’re eager to do the stroll down to all-time low of the falls, continue along the path, as well as it will veer to the right at the bottom. The course weave and also is rather steep and also narrow in areas, which is ok heading down, yet a little bit extra tiring on the return leg.

The track is composed of several areas – unsealed track, steps with wooden increase as well as sections of wooden boardwalk with hen cord for grip. There are steel handrails in some parts, yet no seats to quit as well as rest.

The track additionally gets narrow in sections and also was rather sloppy and slippery when I checked out, as a result of the recent rainfall.

At the end of the stroll, there is a watching platform, which supplies a fantastic view of the falls and also river.

There’s an interpretive sign near the falls, which offers info concerning the Aire River, the only heritage detailed river within the Otway Ranges.

The sign additionally states that Platypus discoveries are “rare, but possible”, although I wasn’t fortunate enough to see one when I went to.

The waterfall appears to be popular with professional photographers, as I passed several people with tripods as well as photography tools, so bring a video camera (or your phone) to take a couple of photos.

Generally, it’s a satisfying stroll well worth doing if you’re exploring the Otways. It’s additionally simply a brief distance from the Redwood Forest Picnic Area, so it’s well-worth making the time to see both attractions if you’re in the location.

How to get to Hopetoun Falls:

On entering Mount Canobolas State Conservation Area. Follow Mount Canobolas Road before turning right onto Towac Road. Federal Falls campground is on the right. Take the northern entrance to Federal Falls walking track for about 400m to the start of Hopetoun Falls walking track.

More details about Hopetoun Falls:

  • Swimming: Not really made for it
  • Difficulty level: Medium – fair distance
  • Camping: Yes, cost-free outdoor camping at Beauchamp Falls Campground, Beech Forest. About 10 minutes away.
  • Dogs Allowed: Not Permitted
  • Toilets: None, some are located at Redwood Forest not that far away.

Agnes Falls – Hazel Park – Rated 4.5/5

agnes falls - best wterfalls of victoria

Last on the list of best waterfalls in Victoria is Agnes Falls. The health benefits of hanging out in an all-natural outdoors atmosphere are well-documented and also consist of improved state of mind and also concentration, far better physical fitness and also improved heart health and wellness. Walking outside can also help healing from anxiety as well as psychological health problems such as anxiousness and also depression. With a lot to acquire, going out into the outdoors often is important for everyone. Yet all households have participants for whom walking long distances is tough. Little ones, elderly people and those with health problem or impairment may feel unwilling to venture as well far.

Fortunately a lot of Victoria’s fantastic parks have picnic as well as bathroom facilities close to carparking which means that everybody can go along.

One such park is the attractive Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve, situated in Gippsland around a 15 minute drive from the township of Toora or one hour from Wilsons Promontory.

Agnes Falls is an incredible waterfall that cascades over a series of rocks over a 59 metre drop. It is a fantastic view, especially after periods of heavy rain when the falls and bordering rockpools go to their best. As the highest possible single span waterfall in Victoria, it is a must-see inclusion in the travel plan for all visitors to Gippsland.

The toilets adjacent to the carpark at Agnes Falls are mobility device pleasant and also obtainable from a level course. There is a barbecue sanctuary as well as all of the picnic tables are accessible to those in wheelchairs, although the course to reach them is a little steep, so some assistance might be needed.

The barbecue location is fascinating and the perfect spot for an outdoor lunch. The area is abundant in bird wildlife, such as rosellas, currawongs, honeyeaters and kookaburras, making it a preferred location for birdwatchers.

If you are truly lucky you might even detect a Wedge-tailed Eagle, a White Crane or a Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo. Overload Wallabies, possums and also owls also call this location house, although they are much more difficult to identify during daytime hrs. Keep your eyes peeled just in case! Trees are additionally plentiful with attractive Bluegums, Blackwood and also Silver Wattles offering a lot of color.

It is simply a brief 200 metre stroll from the carpark to the Agnes Falls search, which has seats. The stroll takes around five mins so it is perfect for little children’s legs that can not go also far! There are staircases as well as a brief high area so the seeing location is not obtainable to those in mobility devices. However, there come areas on the course from where the falls can be clearly seen.

From Melbourne, Agnes Falls is much less than 200km, making it viable for an excursion. The best route is to take the Monash Freeway as well as the South Gippsland Highway to Toora prior to heading inland. A detour to the close-by Silcocks Hill Lookout is well-worth it for the spectacular sights.

Barbecue products, dishes as well as petrol are conveniently offered from neighboring communities. Don’t forget to pick up some fresh local fruit and vegetables prior to you leaving so that you can take a little bit of Gippsland home with you, as well!

How to get to Agnes Falls:

From Melbourne take the Princes Hwy (M1) as well as South Gippsland Hwy (M420 and A440) to Toora. From Toora head north along Silcocks Hill Road as well as comply with the signs to the falls via Hazel Park Road, the Agnes River Road as well as Agnes Falls Road.

More details about Agnes Falls:

  • Swimming: Not allowed
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Camping: Yes, cost-free outdoor camping at Franklin River Reserve, Toora. About 15 minutes away.
  • Dogs Allowed: Yes, on leads.
  • Toilets: Yes, located at parking area.

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