Pop up tents are a versatile solution for camping, festivals, and almost anything outside. However, when it comes time to pack up and go home, you’re going to have a heck of a time figuring out how to fold this large piece of equipment. There are plenty of videos on the internet that show the process but we found that most are too quick or unclear.

So we have created this short tutorial on how to fold up a pop up tent. Take those extra minutes during set-up and put them to use when it’s time to go home.

Step 1: Unzip all windows and doors and open them fully

You need to find a way to separate the main tent from the walls. If you don’t, you are going to have an even harder time when it comes time to pack up. You can do this by unzipping the windows, doors and trunk. Your tent will be fully open and the walls are now easy to separate.

MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS IN THE CLOSEST POSSIBLE AREA TO WHERE YOU ARE SETTING UP YOUR TENT. You don’t want to be carrying a set of weights on your back for a 10-15 minute walk.

how to fold up pop up tent

Step 2: Separate the main tent from the windows, cabinets and doors.

Continue to separate the main tent from the windows, doors and cabinets. You can try to do this with one person but it is much easier to have a second set of hands in case any of the pieces come loose. The great thing about this process is that you can have the main tent all folded up and on its own cushion when you are done.

Step 3: Fold down the walls as far as they will go

The walls should be completely open now and loose as far as they want to go. You should make sure to fold the walls as far down as they want to go. You may have to expand the back stabilizing bar a bit but it shouldn’t be more than 1 inch.

If you are folding with two people, one can use one hand to hold the bottom of the walls and have an extra set of hands on the top of the walls as needed.

Fold down each piece until it is completely open and there are no air pockets.

Step 4: Fold the windows, doors and other pieces

The main tent is now folded and ready to go! You may have a couple of smaller parts that need folding but it should be very easy from here. Make sure to keep each piece separate so they do not get mixed up.

If you are folding with two people (not recommended for one person) you can have one person fold down the windows and doors while the other folds up the mattress. They should be able to connect this piece with one person.

Step 5: Tuck in the walls and fold the pop up tent into itself

You have a folded up tent and you’re ready to get it in your car. Start by tucking the walls in as tight as you can inside the main tent. This will help make sure that there are no gaps and the mattress doesn’t come open. The mattress should be tucked inside of itself and then inside of the main tent. You should also check to make sure that there are no pieces sticking out that need to be tucked away.

Step 6: Flip the tent over and fold it down

This may be a little trickier than it sounds but it can be done with one person if you keep your cool. You will flip the tent over so that it is folded and lying on its side. You should have a half circle shaped piece of fabric and a cushion. Start by folding down the shorter side into itself and then fold in or tuck any extra pieces into themselves.

Once you have the tent tucked in as tight as possible, slide the main tent into the car. Start at one end, like a traditional campout and start folding over. Once again make sure that there are no gaps and that all of the walls are tucked in.

Step 7: Fold it back up and secure it with a bungee cord or tie wrap.

This step is very important! Once you are getting back to your car, make sure that you are going to be able to easily fold it back up and secure it with a bungee cord or tie wrap. A bungee cord will save you a ton of time and effort once you are back at the campsite. If you have two people, one can take the bungee cord and tie wrap while the other folds up the tent.

Step 8: Roll or slide it into your car.

Your last step is to roll or slide your pop up tent into your vehicle. If you don’t have a bungee cord, this will take some muscle and effort.

If you are planning on taking the tent on your next trip, you can use the extra bungee cord to secure it to the top of your car so it doesn’t fly off even when you are driving very fast. For an even more secure option, check out our easy way to secure a pop up tent in a car here.


Folding up your pop up tent is a task that can be easy or very difficult depending on the brand you have. This guide will cover most models but it is always best to read the instruction manual first. If you have questions, ask us! We are here to help!

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