So you are wondering are pop up tents good? Well here are 8 reasons you shouldn’t buy them. This will help you make up your mind whether you should invest your dollars in a pop up tent.

Are pop up tents good

Condensation Forms in Pop-Up Tents

Unlike the various other typical style tent which had no condensation, the Pop Up camping tent had essentially a puddle in the early morning. No bed wetting jokes please!

In order to withstand rain, turn up camping tents have to be constructed from a non-breathable material. At night when the temperature level goes down, the distinction in temperature level inside and also beyond the outdoor tents creates condensation to accumulate within the camping tent.

This isn’t an issue with the majority of outdoors tents due to the fact that they use a separate fly sheet so the tent can aerate (additionally called double-walled outdoors tents). With a secured pop up outdoor tents, there is no ventilation and you get condensation.

The remedy to this is to leave the door to the turn up outdoor tents open. But insects anybody?

Pop-Up Tents Are Not Waterproof

There are some better-quality pop up tents, but most are actually crappily made. Just consider the description where it states, “Glued joints.”

It will not be long until those glued seams start dripping in water!

Tent seams can be truly confusing. What you require to know is that high quality camping tents will sew or bond the joints with water-proof material between the seams. Really premium quality outdoors tents will certainly have the joints sealed. They still at some point might need to a brand-new coating of waterproofing, but except a long period of time. You can find out more about joint sealing a camping tent here.

When your outdoor tents isn’t water resistant, you’ v reached locate one more solution. When your camping tent isn’t water-proof, you’ v reached find another solution.

Wind Is the Enemy of Pop Up Tents!

The moment a gust of wind strikes your Pop Up camping tent, it is mosting likely to bend up like a pretzel! Do not believe me? Just take a look at the video clip listed below. I locate it particularly ironic that the wind isn’t so negative that his sandcastles are still in excellent problem yet the Pop Up camping tent is wobbling like crazy.

The majority of people that utilize Pop Up camping tents say that they take them down when it gets windy. That is type of absurd– especially if it is drizzling.

Pop-Up Tents Don’t Have a Porch

This could not appear like a big deal, however among the initial rules of camping is to constantly leave your boots as well as footwear outside. Or else the camping tent gets stinky as well as great deals of dirt obtains tracked inside.

A lot of modern-day outdoors tents have a little area before the tent where the rainfall fly extends over. You can keep your boots as well as a few other equipment there so it doesn’t get wet if it begins raining.

Without a patio, you’ll need to put ALL your gear in the outdoor tents or simply wish it doesn’t rain. Or that a slug does not creep into your boots during the night and also make them all slimed.

They Are Easy to Get Up yet Hard to Get Down.

Yeah, you may be able to get a Pop Up outdoor tents setup in 2 seconds, however getting it folded back down can be tricky. I’ve been informed it can take multiple individuals.

Congratulations to this militant – specifically due to the fact that he stuck it out in a Pop Up tent!Congratulations to this protester– specifically due to the fact that he stuck it out in a Pop Up outdoor tents!

No Replacement Poles.

The posts in Pop Up tents are really flimsy and vulnerable to flexing. This happens with various other economical tents too– yet the difference is that you can generally discover substitute posts for standard outdoors tents. I’ve also utilized the medical tape in my first aid package to fix an outdoor tents post in a pinch.

Some brand names of Pop Up camping tents do have substitute poles, but most do not. So, that basically implies your camping tent is entering the trash when the poles unavoidably get bent.

It Isn’t That Hard to Put Up a Standard Tent.

The main draw of a Pop Up tent is that it is easy to set up. For individuals that have actually never ever been camping prior to as well as are worried that you need a design level to install an outdoor tents, this is a substantial draw.

However it isn’t really that hard to install a typical camping tent.

My child learned just how to do it when she was 4. If she was tall enough, I make sure she could also do it by herself.

Pointer: If you locate it hard to install basic camping tents, get one with Clips for the poles as opposed to the type where you need to move the posts with a fabric sleeve. As you slide the posts via the sleeve, they often come apart or obtain stuck. The clips make it a great deal less complicated and also quicker. I can get my McKinley camping tent up at night in under 10 mins.

See how the tent clips on the posts? It makes it a lot easier and faster to rise. See exactly how the camping tent clips on the poles? It makes it a whole lot less complicated and also faster to rise.

Pop Up Tents are cheap for a reason.

As the quote goes… you get what you pay for aye!

If you attempt to save cash by buying economical gear, you will certainly end up spending for it in the long-term due to the fact that you’ll be changing the gear so commonly.

There are higher quality Pop Up tents offered. However when you compare the cost vs. high quality, you’ll get a whole lot more worth with a conventional design camping tent. My 3-person tent expense concerning $50 as well as has actually stood up very well over 5-years’ well worth of intensive backpacking trips in 6 various countries. There were significant winds and rainfalls throughout a few of these journeys (I likewise have this cheap ultralight camping tent which only set you back about $120).

By comparison, you can expect your economical Pop Up camping tent to last for a couple of journeys– presuming no hard winds or rains.

A Pop Up camping tent isn’t a negative option for festivals when you recognize that all the outdoors tents will certainly look like this at the end of the week!
A Pop Up outdoor tents isn’t a bad option for festivals when you understand that all the tents will certainly look like this at the end of the week!

When Pop Up Tents Actually Make Sense.

Pop-up outdoors tents aren’t totally useless. I have close friends that utilize them when they go traveling in Greece. In Greece, wild outdoor camping is prohibited. Right here’s how they handle it though:

They essentially drive around sightseeing throughout the day. After that, right before dark falls, they set up the pop-up camping tent.

Nonetheless, these good friends likewise bring a big, resilient tent. This is what they use when they are someplace remote (and don’t need to stress over being stealth). They most definitely do not use their pop-up outdoors tents when it is gusty or rainy!

There are a couple of various other times pop-up camping tents are excellent:

When your youngsters wish to “camp” in the yard.

For celebrations when you recognize the tent is going to get ruined anyway and also you’re also intoxicated to care (though it is terrible that hundreds of outdoors tents are thrown out at events!).

When you are prepared to fork over the cash for a high quality Pop Up outdoor tents with a waterproof ranking (hydrostatic head) of at the very least 2000 and also with vents to stop condensation as well as permit wind to stream with.

When you’ve got joint inflammation and also can’t install a typical outdoor tents yet still want to go camping.

When you are automobile camping and mosting likely to bring along a basic camping tent too, however just do not constantly intend to establish it up.

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