You’re in the market for a new tent for your camper trailer hey! Well you have come to the right place. Smart Camper has put together the best cheap camper trailer tents only.

cheap camper trailer tents only

Among the most significant advantages of applying a camper trailer tent just to your existing trailer is the cost-saving– a basic tent from a firm such as Marlin Campers (who’s partnered with Oztrail) at $2700, is less than half the rate of most soft-floor camper trailers. And also if you’ve currently got a stack of camping equipment, simply getting a tent indicates you’re not spending for bonus you simply don’t need. Alternatively, you might currently have a camper trailer however the tent’s either broken, was never ever good in the first place, or not huge enough anymore. You can obtain a camper trailer tent substitute, if that’s the case.

Fortunately is, as the majority of 6×4, 7×5 as well as 8×5 high-sized box trailers and also campers are built utilizing standard-sized steel sheets, mostly all of them are about the same height, and also the majority of off-the-shelf camper trailer outdoors tents will certainly fit on and also still touch the ground nicely, without any concern.

The downside is that no aftermarket tent will certainly ever before fit a trailer in addition to a tent and also trailer co-developed to fit each other. A few of the best soft-floor camper trailers have extraordinary camping tents crafted to open and also enclose certain area, wrap around certain points as well as go down to a specific height.

Of course, you can still get camper trailer outdoors tents custom made. Organisations like Southern Cross Canvas in Melbourne are speciality tent manufacturers and also although they don’t develop trailers any longer, their rear-fold, soft-floor camper that I examined in 2008 for a 4WD magazine is still the most basic of its kind I’ve ever before made use of. (I lived for nine months in one of their single-pole touring outdoors tents, so I can certainly vouch for the top quality of the firm’s job. Additionally, you’ve certainly seen every one of those dome-style swags that everybody makes or markets nowadays? SCC did them initially.).

Nick Harkins, who owns Southern Cross, informed states that most people that obtain a tent custom made have actually done a great deal of camping. Generally, you will locate consumers after a custom-made tent are knowledgeable camping lovers. They have actually experienced various types of camping ranging from camping tents, swags and different trailers. From that, they have actually established an idea what will fit their design of camping. It is a little a lot more expensive doing so in this fashion, in contrast to the off the shelf or imported choices, but the consumer has a tent that matches their specific requirements as well as has the assurances of a quality-built product with a supported warranty and after-sales service.

A 3rd alternative, which is prominent with campers after a very simple and minimalistic experience, is to fit a roof-top tent to their trailer. Roof-top tents are bit greater than a bed covered in canvas or sandwiched in between two fibreglass panels, but good ones can be established in mins, rarely require securing down and also are lighter than full-sized camper trailer tents. They’re additionally easily removable. Some, like the Feldon Shelter Crows Nest Extended, also have add-on rooms in numerous wall elevations (to fit various vehicles mainly), so can be adjusted conveniently to different trailers. As roof-tops camping tents can be priced anywhere in between $700 and $3000, there’s one to suit almost any spending plan.

Whichever way you select, there are three points to think about. The initial is size– you can have anything from an easy roof-top tent that’s only obtained space for two people to lie down, completely with to canvas estates with 3 spaces as well as someplace for the butler to sleep.

The second is canvas. 10 years ago, there was no doubt regarding which was much better– Aussie canvas won by far every-time. Today, Aussie canvas is still much better, however it’s a lot closer. You used to get the most effective since the next best was below par. Currently, the very best and second-rate are more apart in cost, rather than high quality.

Last, as well as possibly most importantly, is just how well it sets up. Several ‘inexpensive’ camper trailer camping tents are a headache to set up, need to be frequently adjusted and have more posts than Ikea has Allen keys. The very best tents established in a number of mins– no exaggeration. If you need to change greater than one interior tent bow, it’s ineffective.

If youre in search for Cheap Camper Trailer Tents Only, these are several of the most effective choices on the market now.

OzTrail Range at TentWorld

These tents start from $2,500 and supplied by one of Australia‘s best online suppliers TentWorld.

Over the last 20 years, OZtrail has built a reputation as Australia‘s favourite outdoor brand.

A walk through any campsite, weekend marketing, beach or backyard in the country and you will find people enjoying our iconic products.

At OZtrail we are committed to providing high-quality and affordable products that allow people to create memories with their friends and families in the great outdoors. Through innovation and ever-evolving technologies, OZtrail creates market-leading products that suit the individual needs of families and adventurers around the world.

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History of the Camper Trailer

The principle of a canvas covering over a bed in a trailer commenced way back in 1928 in Australia (longer if you include horse-drawn, wild-west-like wagons), when R.J. Rankin developed the very first business camper trailer and took place to establish the Carapark Caravan Company. Roger Fagan, founder of Cub Campers is credited as the first to put a folding, soft-floor tent on a trailer (in 1972) therefore began one of the easiest methods to take a great deal of canvas camping.

The principle has actually definitely evolved, and around the second years of the 2000s, the camper trailer became unbelievably prominent. A lot so that almost every Aussie trailer-builder started sourcing camper trailer tents as well as bolting them to a trailer and also selling them at extraordinary prices. Numerous jumped on the bandwagon also swiftly, however, and the market was flooded with inexpensive as well as poor-quality tents that just didn’t make the cut. They leaked, tore, were tough to set up as well as usually only obtained used one or two times– until the initial rainy camping journey. Thankfully, the marketplace’s gone on. If you’ve currently obtained a trailer and just desire a tent, there’s really couple of around that are poor high quality. Actually, there’s truly just a few firms around that still trouble.

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