You are most likely here because you are done and dusted with the old world of using an esky with ice to keep your perishables cool. It’s time to get in the world of technology and use a camping fridge right? But what is the best way to power a camping fridge?

The reality is at most camping sites, you can buy bags of ice to keep the food and also drinks in the esky cold, today you have a 12 volt camping refrigerator, but just how on earth do you keep the power running so the beers (and sausages) are icy cold?

Thankfully you have a few choices, however like every little thing in life, there are benefits and drawbacks to every one of them.

best way to power a camping fridge

Options 1: Using your Starting Battery

Keep in mind: We do not recommend this kind of setup.

Your Starting or Cranking Battery is usually located under the bonnet of your car, its sole purpose in life is to get your car started. These Batteries are terrific for starting an car, as these batteries supply a big ruptured of power for just a couple of secs.

You can run a wire from the car battery to your 12 volt camping refrigerator and also voilà the beers will certainly get cool. Nevertheless, car batteries are not created for powering a refrigerator where a reduced output is needed for an extensive period.

Additionally, you will need to install an extra cigarette socket or Anderson plug in your vehicle. The cigarette outlet that comes from the factory will just provide power when the car is running. So when you are sleeping over night as well as the cars and truck is off it will not power the refrigerator. This implies you will certainly need to mount an additional outlet that is set up to power the fridge when the cars and truck is shut off.

Low Battery Cut-Out Feature

Many 12 volt camping refrigerators these days have a low battery cut-out attribute. Basically, the refrigerator will certainly turn off when the battery reaches a set voltage. The theory is if you go to bed with your refrigerator ranging from your starting battery, the reduced battery cut-out will certainly transform the fridge off when the battery gets to a particular voltage. This will certainly make certain there is sufficient power in your beginning battery to begin the car the following day.

Allow’s simply say, with the reduced battery cut-out you are skating on thin ice. If a light is left on in the car or you leave the door open for a few minutes you risk (and I talk from experience) that the car won’t start when you remain in the middle of NOWHERE.


  • Least Expensive Setup Cost.
  • Quick to mount


  • Run danger of squashing begin battery and vehicle not beginning.
  • If you squash the start battery multiple times it will certainly require replacing.
  • Will just power the fridge for a brief period of time (usually less than 24hrs).

Dual Battery System.

The very best means to guarantee your refrigerator will stay chilly over night as well as your car will begin in the morning is with a Dual Battery System.

As the name suggest’s when you have a twin battery system mounted you will certainly have two batteries in your automobile. The original beginning battery and also a 2nd auxiliary battery which can be made use of to power your 12 volt outdoor camping fridge and also other 12 volt accessories.

We usually recommend a dedicated deep cycle battery. Deep Cycle batteries are created to constantly supply percentages of power, for much longer and to allow a much deeper discharge, reducing damages.

You can check out the various sorts of deep cycle batteries right here.

  • The type of dual battery system you select will certainly rely on numerous things.
  • Just how much you wish to spend.
  • Where you are installing it (Under Bonnet, in taxi or in tray or in caravan/camper trailer).
  • The length of time you need to run the fridge.
  • The length of time you can enter between charges.
  • Like every little thing in life, there are lots of choices.

Maintaining your dual battery with charge.

If like us, you have actually chosen the dual battery is the best option to power your 12 volt camping refrigerator, you will certainly require to check out methods to charge the battery.

As we pointed out above, you can use your auto’s starting battery to bill your auxiliary battery with rather a basic established. Nevertheless, if you wish to go camping for longer than 2-3 days and also driving around waiting for your complementary battery to bill does not appear like a great way to invest your relaxing trip, here are some other choices for charging.

Both most usual charge alternatives are:

Solar Power

In South East Queensland the sun radiates typically 2,884 hours a year. So it makes sense to harness this free energy resource to power your dual battery as well as refrigerator. There are great deals of kinds of solar panels offered to fit your requirements as well as several sizes to ensure you have sufficient power to keep your refrigerator and gadgets billed.

best way to power a camping fridge

Our portable photovoltaic panel sets are the most easy, when your battery is running low you can easily place the solar panel out in the sun, plug it into the auxiliary battery as well as it will conveniently reenergize your battery in an issue of hrs. As the sunlight is shining you will certainly be self-dependent.

We advise as a minimum to have the “Auxiliary Battery with Vehicle Charge by means of Isolator” over.


  • Reenergizes battery when not driving.
  • Free Power (after initial investment).
  • Maintenance Free.


  • Climate dependent.
  • If portable– Security.


Oh the old Solar vs Generator dispute (read our blog below on the wonderful argument). I personally do prefer Solar due to the serenity. Nonetheless generator’s are great if you intend to remain off the grid without a significant setup price.

We do see a great deal of individuals with larger caravans that require to power great deals of points like TV, Fridge, Washing Machine and do not have the room for numerous solar panels on the roof covering.


  • For a less expensive preliminary expense, the generator will certainly make even more power than solar.


  • Needs Maintenance.
  • Needs Fuel.
  • Can beNoisey & Smelly.
  • Some outdoor camping locations will not permit them.

We wish this details assists you discover the best way to power a camping fridge.

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