Blackdown Tablelands Camping is only available in one camping area, which is 8 km from the park entrance at Munall campground. Munall campground can be reached by standard automobile, however access is not suitable for campers and hefty trailers. Camping permits are required and fees apply.

blackdown tablelands camping

Munall campground

Quiet and shady bush setting close to walking tracks. Most of the park is accessible to 2WD vehicles, but 4WD vehicles are required for the Loop Road. The park’s roads are steep and winding.Always check Park alerts before heading off. There are 16 numbered sites. Maximum of 6 people per site.

There are just 16 camp websites at the Blackdown Tablelands Camping area, with an optimum six people per website, so pre-bookings are suggested. In off-peak times it’s possible to make use of the phone at the Park entryway to spend for a site, using a credit card. A tag with your reservation number must be shown at your camp site.

Blackdown Tablelands camping location has composting poopers, log seats as well as private fire rings. Nevertheless, there are no rubbish bins, so you require to take your rubbish out with you.

There are some taps, yet all water must be boiled before drinking.

No fire wood is offered inside Blackdown Tableland National Forest and QNPWS requests that you bring just tidy, milled timber to shed. Roadside-collected timber might be house to invasive animals.

More about Blackdown Tablelands National Forest

This high-altitude Queensland destination offers jungle and also gorge walks, woodland outdoor camping, stunning lookouts as well as an interesting 4WD loop track.

Blackdown Tableland National forest maintains a major part of the Blackdown Tableland: a 900-metre-high, Triassic-age (251 to 205 million-year-old) sandstone plateau that has actually weathered the disintegration suffered by the mudstone and coal-filled plains that surround it.

Blackdown Tableland National Park lies at the north-east edge of the central Queensland sandstone belt: 180km west of Rockhampton and 110km east of Emerald.

Over millennia, lots of fractures in the Tableland sandstone turned into creeks, canyons and falls, of which the very best recognized is Rainbow Falls (Gudda Gumoo), with its 40-metre drop. The majority of the creeks on the Tableland are rain fed and also are typically dry, however some are spring fed and circulation continuously.

Blackdown Tableland National Park is sited on the traditional homeland of the Ghungalu people as well as access to the area was restricted up until a roadway was created in 1969 by the Queensland Woodland Division.

Blackdown Tableland np Old tree stumps throughout Blackdown Tableland National forest testify to the logging age and unstrung fence blog posts suggest former pastoral borders.

The Park has varied plant communities, consisting of heathlands, dry eucalypt forests and also damp pockets of brushes, mosses and also orchids. Rising, the tableland is usually cooler and wetter than the bordering plains.

When OTA went to the Park in June 2016 the night-time temperature dropped to 5 levels.

Relative seclusion permits plants and also pets that are found no place else to grow below, including the Blackdown stringybark tree, red bottlebrush and a really unpretty tunnelling cricket, known as the Blackdown Monster. We identified one arising from its opening as well as wouldn’t cast it in a youngster’s film.

The drive into Blackdown Tableland National Park is on bitumen regarding the Park entry. The roadway runs south from the A4, concerning 45km eastern of Blackwater, throughout an undulating plain, with a clear view of the Tableland in advance.

The slim road climbs up extremely steeply from the base of the cliff and also QNPWS literature advises against hauling campers or heavy trailers on this road.

Also, Blackdown Tableland National forest’s only outdoor camping location isn’t designed for lorries larger than medium-sized motorhomes or crossover camper trailers. Munall camping site is 8 kilometres from the park entrance, on a pea-gravel roadway that’s extremely unsafe, so reduced speed is a good idea.

A number of strolling tracks take you to the park’s essential sites, with a selection of plant neighborhoods.

Lookouts are situated at stunning views on strolling tracks and also on the 4WD-only Loop Roadway, yet some cliff faces are large and also their edges are unsteady.

blackdown tableland npThe Loophole Road is 20km in size as well as a current detour track has actually altered the original placement. Park guidance is that it’s a 1.5-hour drive, yet we spent almost three hours on the Loop Track, leaving the vehicle at sights.

The Loophole Track starts as a flat roadway, winding through woodland, however at regarding fifty percent distance goes into sandier, open-woodland country, with amazing sandstone outcrops that organize basket brushes and king orchids.

Indigenous visitation in the past is apparent at several of the bigger outcrops.

Some of the rocky track areas are really harsh, with sump-threatening rocks, so care is required. The steepest, loose-rock area is near the Mitha Boongulla lookout that offers fantastic sights across the bordering levels.

Be careful of the birds

blackdown tableland npThe birds at Munall campground are well versed in the ways of campers and they’ll ensure you do not oversleep! A cacophony of cries from kookaburras and also parrots declares every dawn.

Don’t even think of leaving anything edible outside your vehicle or tent. The currawongs are lightning-fast, however the kookas are definitely incorrigible.

‘Our’ kookaburra watched from afar as we filled bacon and also eggs onto our plates as well as sat down to appreciate a hearty pre-walk morning meal. In a heart beat he was in between the chairs, fanning us with wingbeats as well as intending his formidable beak at our priceless Aussie bacon. We pulled away indoors to eat in tranquility.

Blackdown Tableland National Forest is a stunning, cool-climate upland in the Central Queensland sea of Mitchell Lawn as well as is a rewarding excursion on any type of trip to this coal-mining-dominated area.

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