Boomerang Beach Camping

So you’re on your next camping trip and your curious about Boomerang Beach Camping. Here’s the short and skinny about it. There is actually no camping sites at Boomerang Beach itself.

With that said there are a couple of spots not far from Boomerang Beach which allow camping. The Ruins campground and picnic area which is around 4 km’s away and Pacific Palms Caravan Park which is just over a kilometre away from Boomerang Beach.

boomerang beach camping

The Ruins campground and picnic area

From tough campers to casual caravaners, The Ruins camping site is the best area for virtually anyone. An attractive area fringed by cabbage tree palms as well as paperbarks, it has every little thing you require, from barbecue tables as well as bbqs to warm showers and also alcohol consumption water.

boomerang beach camping

But the genuine appeal hinges on what’s nearby. Don’t neglect your swimmers– whether you like the beach or a sheltered lake, both are just a rock’s get rid of. 7 Mile Beach provides beautiful sand and also whale viewing in the winter months. Wallis Lake is perfect for kicking back underneath a tree or introducing the kayak for a trendy mid-day paddle.

You can even hike along the Booti Hill as well as Wallis Lake strolling track, that includes beautiful searches as well as a straight link to Elizabeth Coastline – excellent for browsing as well as seasonally patrolled. Keep your eyes open for graceful coast birds along the challenging stroll.

But if all else falls short as well as you just seem like taking time out loosening up with a coffee and also a paper, The Ruins campground is also an easy drive from cafes in Pacific Palms.

Pacific Palms Caravan Park

Pacific Palms Caravans Park has actually been possessed as well as managed by John & Helen Morley as well as their family members for twenty five years.

Having originated from Sydney, John & Helen made a sea change and fell for the location, just as you are likely to.

The park is popular for its quiet, relaxed atmosphere and a silent evening’s rest is virtually ensured. The only most likely disturbance is the waves crashing on the coast over at Lizzy coastline.

The park is blessed with the visibility of a fantastic amount of native Australian animals with various varieties able to be seen all year including; goannas, water dragons, bush turkeys, possums and also a wide range of birds

We are extremely pleased with our park as well as we wish we obtain the possibility to share it with you.

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