Going camping is a super fun activity and learning how to cook some of the basics when out in the wilderness will help make for an even better trip. Now you’ve landed here because you’re looking for a way how to make bread in a dutch oven camping.

Well put your mind at ease as we have a surprise for you. This recipe for making bread in a dutch oven is also a no kneading required bread recipe. This takes out the majority of the hard work. The next bonus is that that this super delicious recipe only requires 4 simple ingredients.

All you need is these ingredients and a good old dutch oven and you are ready to rock on your next camping trip and serve up some tasty bread! We’re definitely biased but this is probably the best bread we have ever tasted and it is SO simple to make. Camping + Bread = Heaven!

Dutch Oven (No Kneading) Bread Recipe

Yes, you already know that there is no kneading involved in this recipe and to be honest that’s probably the best part (apart from how awesome it tastes). The ingredient for this bread load is very similar to the artisan breadbut, but the way that it is made is very different. The flavour is achieved by letting a slow rise of the dough to happen. This will allow for the perfect crust by baking this bread in a dutch oven pot with the lid firmly on.

What Is No-Knead Bread?

This style of bread became super famous when it was published in the New York Times. Its popularity by no surprise is due to the fact that no kneading is required. Simply you just chuck everything into a bowl, mix it and let it do its things for a couple of hours. The year will get to work and then boom you bake it and done.

What gives this bread it’s amazing flavour is the slow rise. Added to that the baking of the bread in the dutch over allows for that super crispy crust. I know, it sounds almost too good to be true. That’s what I first thought when I made this loaf. But mate, it is absolutely amazing and I am super glad I tried this recipe as it has become a staple not just when we camp but even at home. After reading this recipe you will know how to make bread in a dutch oven camping.

The four magical ingredients – Dutch Oven Bread Recipe

The best part about this recipe is that its super short. Four ingredients to be exact.

  • Flour – 3 cups – Don’t worry about getting anything fancy here, but just your regular flour will do the job.
  • Salt – 1 3/4 tsp salt – The mother of all flavours. Salt! Do not forget this super important ingredient.
  • Yeast – 1/2 tsp – Get active dry yeast. The reason by this is that active vs instant will allow for that slow rise and the amazing flavour to develop.
  • Water – 1 1/2 – Good old H20, the final ingredient. The most important part of this is that your water is simply at room temperature. This is important as it will impact how the yeast reacts in the mix of the dough.

How to make bread in a dutch oven camping is just below.

Now here comes the fun part. Prepping all the ingredients and getting it ready for the dutch oven and baking away.

  1. Make the dough – place the 3 cups of the flour in a mixing bowl, add the salt and yeast together. Then add the water into the bow and using an item to stir, mix it all together until it is all formed. There is no requirement to activate the year.
  2. Wait for the dough to rise – Place something over the bowl to keep it cover such as a towel or cling wrap. Let it sit anywhere between 12 to 18 hours. Hence be prepared WAY in advanced to when you want to actually eat the bread.
  3. Get your camping oven-ready and try and get the heat to around 230 degrees, or roundabouts. If you are cooking on a flame top preheat your dutch oven to get it nice and hot. Including the lid. Don’t forget the protection of mitts to get all of this happening as well.
  4. Shape the dough – get some flour on the hands and sprinkle a little more over the dough. Now take the dough from the bowl it was resing in and shape into a ball. With mitts, take the lid off the dutch oven and place the dough ball into the dutch oven. place the lid back on and place back in oven or over flame.
  5. This should take 30 minutes in an oven or a little longer on flame. Remove the lid and let it cook for a further 20 minutes. The bread should easily fall out of the pot. Leave it to cool and then slive and munch away.

You are now all done and I bet you have butter melting on that loaf and enjoying your super tasty bread. We hope that you found this recipe helpful and if you did feel free to subscribe to our blog where you will find friendly camping tips and tasty recipes for your next camping adventure.

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