Camping tents and equipment can easily end up being a victim of mold. So when this happen, the question begs. How to get rid of mold in a tent?

If your tent is unclean, not completely dry and saved properly when you put it away mold and also mildew can be a pesky trouble. Just imagine going on an epic camping trip to the beach. Your tent is set up on a bluff ignoring the seashore. You are enjoying the sea air, coastline bonfires, and camping site cookouts. You’re loosened up spending quality time with friends and family, and dog is rolling in the sand having the moment of his life.

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When the feared time pertains to pack up, break down camp, and also go residence. You hastily shake the sand out your tent, wipe it down genuine fast, break down the poles, stuff it in a sack, as well as throw it in the trunk. When you obtain home, that camping sack gets stuffed in the garage attic room as well as you go back to everyday life. the camping trip seems a far-off memory, recorded on Instagram as well as talked about at the office lunches.

A couple of months later when it’s time to go camping once again, you evacuate the vehicle and head off. You’re fed to be heading to the mountains and also camping at the lakeshore. You unpack your gear as well as set up your camp. However wait. Oh no, not mold on your tent! That moist sea air didn’t evaporate before you stuffed it in the tent and as it sat in a warm garage over the summer season it festered. Wet moist canvas in a tightly closed location with cozy surroundings is the ideal tornado for mold as well as mildew to expand on your camping tent.

Mildew is among the important things no person tells you concerning camping. The dark residue left by mold and can leave a persistent tarnish on your camping tent, however do not fret your tent can be saved. It’s ideal to keep your tent clean and pack it away dry, yet if mold or mold has invaded your tent, canvas or awning, you can easily remove it. Here’s how.

Exactly how to get rid of mold in a tent

Initially, it might seem apparent however eliminate the mold. Using a soft brush or toothbrush, clean the mold as well as mildew from the product.

Wash the affected area with a service composed of 1/2 cup disinfectant to 3.5 litres of warm water. And/or rinse with a remedy of 1 mug of lemon juice and 1 cup of salt to a gallon of warm water.

Permit the material to dry totally in the sunlight.

Next off, bleach the mold discolor.

Laundry or saturate the affected location with one of the adhering to, relying on the material.

For many textiles, you can make use of a non-chlorine bleach.

For colored fabrics, use a service of 1 mug of lemon juice as well as 1 cup of salt to a gallon of warm water.

For shade secure materials, use a solution of 2 tbsps of bleach to a quart of water.

Permit the bleached area to completely dry thoroughly.


Brush the materials outdoors so as not to leave mold spores in your house.

Make certain your camping gear is dry before storing it away.

Store your camping gear in a dry, ventilated location.

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