Taking a trip to Balgal Beach and interested on what the situation is with Balgal Beach Camping? The good news is that there are two campgrounds in the area. Which makes it a superb location to go camping with friends and family.

balgal beach camping

Balgal Beach develops part of the popular Northern Beaches district of Townsville North Queensland. Providing an exceptional sand beach as well as safe swimming in the stinger internet from November to May, Balgal is suitable for a stress-free day by the sea or an enjoyable method to hang around with the entire family. The location is also a renowned river angling place.

For those wishing to discover deeper and also go out to the Great Barrier Reef, Balgal Beach gives outstanding boat ramp centers as well as easy access to the stunning Palm Island team.

There are a variety of licensed cafés and lodging available in the area including vacation devices and designated camping tent outdoor camping and also vehicle camping locations. Speaking of camping locations here are the two main stays for camping:

Balgal Beach Rest Area 1

Balgal Beach Rest Area 1, Balgal Beach, north of Townsville is a coastline side camping area beside a tidewater with great fundamental centers. Shaded by casurina trees the site is great for the traveling public and is suitable for trailers, caravans and also outdoor tents based camping. However there is a 48 hour remain limitation.

There is a booth (Fishermans Landing) that markets just about every thing and also a watercraft ramp making this a popular area for the taking a trip public and keen anglers. The site is FREE and pet pleasant.

balgal beach camping

Balgal Beach Rest Area 2

Balgal Beach Rest Area 2, Balgal Coastline, north of Townsville is a dubious beach side camping site set up for the traveling public. Good for outdoor tents based outdoor camping as well as tiny trailers this site has fundamental facilities with a 48 hour keep limitation.

Not a poor area for a spot of coastline angling near to town. The site is FREE yet not family pet friendly

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