The next big camping trip is in NSW it seems. We’re here to give you a list of free beach camping NSW sites you should take a look at part of your planning. We have scoured the interwebs for all the best information on the best list of free beach campgrounds around NSW.

Feel free to comment and suggest any campsites we should at to this already fantastic list. We have looked for a mix of different experiences. If you’re after some wilderness we’ve got it, if you want some beach action, we’ve got that too. Enjoy our list of free camping in the great state of New South Wales.

Meroo Head Free Camp Grounds

RATED 4.6/5 – Check Google Reviews

Truth be told I was struggling to find a free camp site which was near the beach in NSW. Well after some time here I have found which looks to be an amazing spot on the south coast of the NSW, just 240kms out of Sydney.

Meroo Head is a knockout spot for views and to be a stone’s throw from the beach is amazing. The only drawback, in this case, buy the sounds of it, this does not seem to be suitable for anyone with a caravan or trailer. Alas if you have a tent handy you can set up at this super cool spot.

Meroo head with a combination of forest and beach makes for a perfect spot for those who like outdoors with a combination of beach activities and going out for a swim on a hot day. The beach is also a great spot to get some snorkelling and even surfing. For the less enthusiastic, a calm and relaxing walk down the beach is an option. Check out the rock pools and you might just spot a crab or two.

Not so far is Meroo Lake and you can also go for a hike up to Meroo Head lookout which has amazing coastal views of the area. Also, a great sport to get some wildlife action in as well, with plenty of bird watching. Also, a great spot to get somewhat watching, not far from the shore it is common to see a pod of whales.

For the flora lovers, there is also plenty to look at in the area. Apparently, in the springtime, the wildflowers are spectacular. You will also find pink flowering blueberry ash as well as rare orchids. For some contrast, you will also find the huge eucalypts as part of the forest which are also breathtaking.

What an amazing opportunity this is, to camp for free and take inn the sounds of the forest and the crashing waves as you go to your slumber. Get up in the morning for the sunrise over the ocean and take it all that nature has to offer.

Details about Meroo Head Free camping NSW site

Brou Lake campground

RATED 4.8/5 – Check Google Reviews

Free beach camping in NSW must be a thing of the past as there are little to no locations to do this. Thankfully I found another camping ground which is super close to the beach at Brou Lake campground.

Brou Lake campground as the name suggests is nestled between Lake Brou and the ocean, specifically Jemisons Beach. It is located in Bodalla which ins on the far south coast of NSW. In a forest location there are plenty of outdoor activities to get on, obviously hiking and checking out the area is one of those.

It is also ideal for swimming, with the lake positioned on one side and the ocean on the other side. Great spot for the family as the kids will love a swim and for the adults it’s an ideal spot for fishing in the lake or ocean. Other activities you can have a crack at include surfing, canoeing or kayaking.

Go for a sunset walk along the sandy stretch and sometimes if you are lucky enough you might just get to see some dolphins on your stroll. Other wildlife in the area include potaroos.

For supplies in the area, you are not too far from both Narooma and Bodalla town centres. Thankfully the site itself is also friendly to both caravans, camper trailers and of course tents.

Details about Brou Lake Free camping NSW site

  • Location on Google Maps from Sydney
  • Distance from Sydney: 4 Hours 33 mins – 339 kms
  • Brou Lake Rd, Bodalla NSW 2545
  • Close to beach, bush and lake.
  • Access: unsealed roads.
  • Suitable for: caravans, camper trailers, Tents
  • Facilities: Toilets, picnic tables
  • Pet-Friendly: No

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