Dog friendly beaches Byron Bay

Planning on taking your dog to the beach on your next trip to Byron Bay. We have put together all the information you require on dog friendly beaches Byron Bay.

If you are a little unsure where to take your dog for a stroll, there are defined areas of the beach. In these zones it is allowed for your dog to be let off the lead.

Here are the best dog friendly beaches in Byron Bay:

  • Brunswick Heads
  • New Brighton Beach 
  • South Golden Beach
  • Mullumbimby
  • Bangalow 
  • Belongil Beach and other beaches
  • Tallow Beach
  • Main Beach – Belongil Area
  • Suffolk Park
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Dog friendly beaches Byron Bay

Byron Bay Shire Council have an extensive plan to making the area dog friendly. Their message:

People and dogs can coexist in our community, but just with aggressive as well as responsible canine possession.

We have learnt through our neighborhood, throughout our strategic plan engagement procedure, that dogs in public areas are a location of vital rate of interest to many in the Shire. From requests for even more off chain workout locations to requests for activity on noisy and also uncontrolled pets– it is clear our area desires a well balanced approach to the administration of pets in our public spaces.

In reaction, Byron Shire Council is now embarking (bark!) on the growth of a county large Dogs in Public Spaces Strategy. To kick this off, we’ve put up new signs at the entryways of our off chain beaches to help much better inform our area where our active rooms are for canines. The method will involve a comprehensive testimonial of our current off leash areas and just how we manage them. There will certainly be plenty of opportunities for the community to have their state throughout this procedure.

For full details and maps of these defined areas please visit the Byron Shire Council website (policy 5.31)

Remember dont be a sh!t dog owner, quite literally. Be a responsible Pet Owner and pack your dog’s leash, along with some water and a travel bowl, and doggy poo bags.


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